Trying Cheapest Japanese BBQ Restaurant for Solo Travelers in Japan

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  1. @grovermartin6874
    @grovermartin6874 says:

    Yum! This does look tasty. It occurs to me that I don't remember seeing Aaron eat. Although I do remember when Claire did the cooking, very sweet! I just don't remember Aaron eating what she had cooked.

  2. @eshepelyuk
    @eshepelyuk says:

    never was in japan or korea, but as ukrainian, ie east europian slavic i do appreciate this contribution to eating different part of the animal, in particular tongue. and beef tongue is superior to pork, ofc 🙂

  3. @deborahpasha9727
    @deborahpasha9727 says:

    I have not had beef tongue in years. My Mom would buy kosher beef tongue. She would boil it then remove the outer skin. It would then be sliced and barbecued. We would fight over the first 4 to 6 inches of the tongue because that was the most tender part. I may have to go get one😁.

  4. @shannondore
    @shannondore says:

    As someone who's obsessed with Japan I love that you guys are there on holiday. And I love beef tongue!! It's a great cut of meat and so good. I wish more restaurants here had it on the menu. I hope you have a fun trip and look forward to more travel vids.❤😊


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