Trying 5 Sandwiches From 5 Countries

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  1. Elisabeth P
    Elisabeth P says:

    Hey, maybe somebody already mentioned it, but the bread you used for the „Strammer Max“ is not exactly the type of rye bread we would use in Germany. Our rye bread is much darker, sometimes with whole grains in it, wich makes the taste much heartier and the meal more filling and satisfying 😄 But maybe it‘s just complaining on a high level, as we germans are with our bread 😜

  2. ar enia
    ar enia says:

    As a German I should specify: What she meant with rye-Bread was (whole weat) sorough-dough rye-bread. This rye bread looks more like toast. German ryebread (most of the time it would be a version called Bauernbrot) is dark, has a hard crust and a slightly sourough, brown, soft inside. Beryl should change the bread to more of an "artisinal Bread". That bread is the more common and traditional bread in Germany.

  3. R0hde0
    R0hde0 says:

    It depends on the kind of Sandwich you make and what bread you use. Some are to be cut diagonaly, some are to be Cut strait lenthwise and some are to be halfed… so no universaly true way to cut Sandwiches I gues 😀

  4. Strangely Brown
    Strangely Brown says:

    Please do a video on Danish Smorrebrod. The are a heap of different classic versions, and they aren’t just traditional, but the basis for an entire culture! Easily one episodes worth!

  5. Sole Gonz
    Sole Gonz says:

    Okay, I grew up with eating guava & cheese but never had a warm sandwich. Can't wait to try it. Kinda curious if it would work for breakfast on a soft plain bagel…with coffee☕

  6. Atul Kotian
    Atul Kotian says:

    If you choose to do bananas, you should do Manglorean Buns. Imagine a banana flavored frybread. And plot twist, it's eaten with savory chutneys or Sambar (lentil stew).

  7. Taha Sultan
    Taha Sultan says:

    My dad is Libyan and when I saw the flag I knew I had to click on the video I haven’t had a tuna sandwich like this in so long because harissa isn’t available for me where I live now but seeing you struggle with bread reminded me of I used to remove the top part of my tuna sandwiches at school because the bread was too much and I felt that couldn’t taste the tuna and vegetables because of it my mom would also add a splash of olive oil we made from my grandfathers farm to the tuna so maybe try that next time you try it again


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