Tried Fried Ramen Snack Recipes from TikTok

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Maplecook and I tried out a few viral crispy ramen snack recipes from TikTok. The first hack is instant Shin ramyun noodles tossed …

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  1. All Blakk Everything
    All Blakk Everything says:

    Love me some @MapleCook! ❤️🖤💚This is a great collab….super happy it was able to happen. The first collab was cool, but this in-person one takes the cake (ramen cake 😂). Guess 3rd times the charm 😊🙌🏿😊 I enjoyed watching all the trials— knew you'd come up with a great solution!! #BlessingsAndProsperity ❤️🖤💚

  2. Vickie’s World
    Vickie’s World says:

    I’m so excited for Maplecook. You two together are beyond awesome. My taste buds are going crazy to try the Ramen with curry. That sounds delicious. Great Collab guys; hope to see more.
    Keep Rising

  3. Hadal Blue
    Hadal Blue says:

    Hahaha you two together are like high school friends, so adorable. I had fun watching you both in action and I’m sure you had even more fun doing the show! Love that it was so casual and impromptu 😆✨✨By the way, the voice for “30mins later” sounded like Francis from Cooking with Dog 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Chai of the East
    Chai of the East says:

    Finally, Maplecook meets Marc Mastumoto! I'm sorry I missed the premiere. I was actually waiting for this collab! Omg, Seriously, I was smiling the whole video. You guys are so funny! I usually ate Shin ramyun noodles before but I've never tried eating them raw with seasoning. I can't imagine how it tastes. The reaction on your faces on the first one. haha! The last one with curry powder looks a lot better though. Great job on this marc and maplecook! I'm going to give it try next time.

  5. Isabel Ma. Kientz
    Isabel Ma. Kientz says:

    Dear Mark…one your best video with a lot of laughs and camaraderie. Good job! And Yes I will have to find where that homemade curry powder is hiding so I can make it myself. I have done the mushroom umami powder so there no reason I won't be able to do the curry powder one. Cheers..Izzzie

  6. The Cow Emporium
    The Cow Emporium says:

    I think that Tim Tok trend was started by junior high aged children! I watched as 12-13 year olds ate countless bags just like your first version. 😂😂
    I much prefer the last version. How delicious!
    It seems like you and Maplecook have had a great time together. That’s awesome. 😎
    Take care,

  7. Margot Psorn
    Margot Psorn says:

    The SpongeBob reference made me giggle and say "haha who ha he ha!"! Have u seen the squeeky boots episode? My shoes hella squeak on many surfaces so I feel like SpongeBob

  8. MickCotton BBQ
    MickCotton BBQ says:

    New Subscriber 👍😎. This was just Great Such chemistry is hard to come by. MapleCook & Marc are The Bomb 💣 💥💫🌟🔥. I’m going to the store !! Ramen 🍜 Time Definitely Delicious. ThankYou Both So Much. Cheers 🍻 from Los Angeles CA. 😎

  9. M
    M says:

    Interesting, I've been buying into a ramen noodle company for a while now. and not every single time I'm eating ramen, but maybe I can turn it into fried noodles as I got a couple hundred packets of it lmao. 😀 perhaps I can even update it with the Umami Powder you came up with as it's 90% flavor where other spiced blends in the packets may overseason even fried noodles. Thanks for the idea.


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