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I am going to be in Austin for a few days helping Marcus and Jamie with a big charity event! Join the Patreon Team For Early Access to the videos …
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  1. Taylor B
    Taylor B says:

    Marcus repping Sooners in TX. Pride there. Thanks for the tour of the place. Looking good. Would love to stop by.

    Take off is definitely the best part. Just did B'ham –> Houston –> Denver –> Bham! Last leg was the best travel wise.

  2. Victor Benner
    Victor Benner says:

    Waaiittt a minute, the Mrs. let you travel without any adult supervision? Oh I see some SERIOUS fun ahead here. Tell Marcus he has a truly wonderful looking cook trailer/ shack. It ain't work if it's fun. I don't think I will be able to join tonight's live, I bet it's going to be great. I will catch next week's live. I'm taking the day off for Cinco de Mayo. It's the one day each year that the entire country celebrate my birthday but for some reason with a Mexican theme? Go figure. Margarita's for everyone next week. Enjoy yourselves down there. 😄👍🍻🔥


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