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Welcome back everyone! Today we are sharing a tour of our freezers! It has taken a long time to get them like this…it didn’t …

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  1. Josephine
    Josephine says:

    I myself love to use bins in my deep freezer. It made it so easy to find everything and easy to clean out when needed..I have a stand up freezer now and I still use the bins again easy to clean and stuff never gets forgotten.. So for the deep freezer I say more bins with handles even better. Love your channel ❤ Get well soon love.

  2. Susan Hickman
    Susan Hickman says:

    Gary sure did a fine job of sharing and showing your half of a cow +, pork, chicken and all the variety of other items Tiffany uses to turn into all of her wonderful meals! When a family eats at home and the momma cooks mostly from scratch, that requires a lot of ingredients!
    Praying Tiffany experiences a complete return to excellent health and that your entire family has a peace knowing the Lord is with each of you. Blessings, Susan

  3. Ronda Y.
    Ronda Y. says:

    Loved the video. You two are adorable. My husband and I watch together. It helps so much having Gary participate. Please have him to a video on how he smokes his brisket. My husband got a new smoker for Christmas and he is having difficulty mastering it. You two are so cute together. Watching videos and letting ads play. I never knew that piece of info. Hope you get to feeling better soon Look forward to seeing you back. (((Hugs))) and prayers.

  4. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I found sterile brand crates on clearance at my Walmart similar to the ones teacher use and I use those as baskets in our freezer and it's one of those really big ones from lowes

  5. Jackie Best
    Jackie Best says:

    Great job Gerry. Thanks for showing how do the cow process and organizing. We want to to get a partial cow soon. It will be our first time. Get well soon Tiffany. Praying for you and your family.


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