This Unique Rye Bread Contains More Seeds Than Flour! No-knead 100% Wholegrain Rye Recipe

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Rye bread is my favourite bread of all time and I have mentioned it quite often. But there is someone who loves it even more than I …

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  1. Harry Yim
    Harry Yim says:

    Amazing bread. Everything tastes great with it, butter, honey, nothing, probably cream cheese… Reminds me of hobbit food. Bilbo seed cakes. Used sourdough starter and worked like a charm. Added some millet seeds too. Definitely will go into my baking rotation. Will see how long it lasts.

  2. satyris410
    satyris410 says:

    This has very quickly become my favourite cookery youtube channel. No nonsense, to the point, clear and concise delivery. Excellent scientific approach to baking and has really helped raise my bread game. Thank you

  3. Suyapa Jimenez
    Suyapa Jimenez says:

    It’s almost 9p in California the bread left the oven like an hr ago ( this is the one w the adds of a little psyllium and extra gluten ) and it looks so, so, so delicious that it’s good I’m going to sleep that way the bread has the chance to survive 12hrs😂. Thank you friend.

  4. Lan Smith
    Lan Smith says:

    Baked this early this morning (after 18 hrs slow-proof) and finally cut into it after a 12-hr cool down. Very dense, firm crust, "seedy" with a hint of sweet from the currants. Very nice indeed. Photos have been posted on "Charlie's Baking Buddies".

  5. lizardass
    lizardass says:

    I made one of your other rye breads and ended up cutting into it after only like an hour, it was gummy just like you said in this video! I was so confused and disappointed 🙁

  6. Melanee Mortensen
    Melanee Mortensen says:

    Why did you not make a soaker with the seeds and nuts? Those chia seeds soak up a crazy amount of water. I have learned a lot of new teçhniques from you. I even ordered in the fermented rye malt powder from the Ukraine.
    I recommend looking up Danish rye bread with seeds. Hardly any flour in it.
    Also, the YouTube channel "Baking with Jack" shows his no discard sourdough starter technique that is amazing. I think you would appreciate it as well. Many YouTubers that make sourdough refer to his technique. Thanks for your sharing these methods. Fun to have new types of bread that I had never seen before!!

  7. Suyapa Jimenez
    Suyapa Jimenez says:

    You know you made me very very very happy w this recipe.. it looks like the low carb I made half almond flour . I ate every slice of that myself just like that it was so good that didn’t need extras just the coffee. I’m ready for this. 2 recipes again one exactly like yours ( cranberries no sugar added instead ) and one adding a little of psyllium and xanthan gum . And I’ll report

  8. ewario evan
    ewario evan says:

    I always see everyone using plastic film to let their bread ferment… Is there any alternative to that? How goodare they compared to it? I want to limit as much as possible my plastic waste for the environement… Thank you!

  9. Chris H
    Chris H says:

    That's a crazy loaf. Looks really good. Just a heads-up: if you happen to see a plate full of seeds in the road, and it has a little sign that says, "free bird seed," avoid it. That's a trap set by the Coyote.

  10. Diane Amero
    Diane Amero says:

    This is definitely a bread I am going to try. I only have dark rye flour though, will that work?
    I would love to see your version of Ezekiel bread, Charlie. Is that in your future playlist? 🤞
    As usual, it is so relaxing watching your videos in the morning with a cup of coffee and imagining the smell of the baked you're creating! 🤤 Thanks for your dedication to helping others enjoy the craft of baking! 😊❤️

  11. Ilmari Angefou
    Ilmari Angefou says:

    Fabulous recipe! Is there something I need to change if I use whole wheat flour? Where. I live it is not easy to get rye flour. Same method? Would love to use the flour I have. Thank you so much if you could give me advice. Have a great day!

  12. Kevin U.K.
    Kevin U.K. says:

    Chuckles – you're creativity knows no limit!
    Yesterday I was reading a paper published by the University of Latvia on rye bread and the importance of having an acidic dough. They were developing and looking at different methodologies with sourdough starters. But, what the hell. 😆
    Great baking – Thanks.

  13. Patricia N.
    Patricia N. says:

    Oh My GOODNESS Charlie! You out did yourself on this rye bread seeded bread…seeds & nuts in bread are my favorite, yummy.
    I will definitely make this tomorrow. Thanks so much for your expertise and videos Charlie 😉🤟🏼🙏🏼

  14. Maria Roqua Vega
    Maria Roqua Vega says:

    Wow…. I think this is the most interestingly intricate breads
    Each step is purposeful
    Very interesting.
    The most seeded bread… ? La semita.
    The Mexico crypto Jewish ( hence the name semite bread.)
    A simple egg bread with anise, fine chopped pecans or walnuts and sometimes Caraway.
    Great with coffee.

  15. Semechki for Putin
    Semechki for Putin says:

    this, but only with sunflower seeds, is very common in germany (sonnenblumenkernbrot). I prefer that to having other harder seeds in bread. pumpkin seeds are nice too, but those are more common in buns with a lighter dough (rye wheat mix, I guess), and not such a high seed content. there also are sunflower seed buns with the same sort of lighter dough. I'm generally not a fan of grey doughs (white and black are superior, less sour), but with enough sunflower or pumpkin seeds, they can he quite good.


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