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  1. Daniela Clapp
    Daniela Clapp says:

    Eliminate this insane brutality against animals. Even the gras-fed ones end up in the slaughterhouse. So WHY not go VEGAN???
    Encourage your peeps to eat the nourishing fruits and vegetables instead of encouraging these demonic crimes against animals.
    GOD LOVES HIS ANIMALS and HE does not say that we should murder and eat them!!!

  2. Honest Lee
    Honest Lee says:

    I transformed my health by getting rid of the dairy, the FAKE wheat, FAKE soy, FAKE corn, sugar, and salt. I followed the Clean Diet by Alejandro Junger, M.D. Lots of garlic and intermittent fasting. Several health issues GONE. I feel MUCH better in my mid 50s then I did in my late 30s.

  3. Sharon Josefik
    Sharon Josefik says:

    How do you tell if those holes are rat holes or other varmet holes.
    We have 3 wells all good. We also have a water source that is E V and it's been tested and daily tested its one of the very best in the country.

  4. Jennifer Conklin
    Jennifer Conklin says:

    I have wanted to get my pistol permit but the more things are going the more I feel like when they declare marshal law they will be knocking on the doors of the registered weapon holders first. DO YOU EVER WORRY ABOUT THAT? WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST WAY TO DEAL WITH THAT SITUATION?

  5. Sharon Josefik
    Sharon Josefik says:

    Do you make pets out of your meat food source then eat them. That's a problem with me. I have no problem with people raising and eating meats however I do have a problem when someone treats them as pets then butcher them

  6. Sharon Josefik
    Sharon Josefik says:

    So people don't care until it's done. Same with these phones. We buy them knowing they are made in China. Many don't care as long as they can have fun get high or have what they want as long as it's free and some one else is paying.. They don't care. Ive talked to people about health money and where our nation is going they don't care. They complain about being sick but go thru cases of mountain due smoke and eat fast food. They don't care.

  7. Lady Kiarose
    Lady Kiarose says:

    I was listening to And we Know on Rumble and they mentioned you guys. I believe it was the 21 st Mar one. It was about half way in it. Talking about preparing for whats coming. That yours was a good place to go for info.

  8. Brenda Tanner
    Brenda Tanner says:

    So GREAT, THANK YOU THANK YOU. I need you so bad, helping me w slow digestion & swelling all around abdomen front & back, one nutrionist is wanting me to do colonics & I know there's got to be a natural way instead!!!


    I don't know what's changed but every 3 to 6 or 7 minutes there's a commercial. I thought they were 6 or 7 minutes apart and now it was three minutes after the last one…. I know that's how you monetize videos but this is getting out of hand.

  10. Me Too
    Me Too says:

    I couldn't find a free way to watch "The Dimming" when you suggested we watch it (not necessarily the greatest with technology). Well, I was scrolling down the "suggested" things to watch after watching this, and there it was! The whole/full thing… Guess what I'll be watching now? 😁❤️


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