This Is Exactly What To Eat on The Starch Solution

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  1. Maria Tverrli
    Maria Tverrli says:

    Hi Emmie 🙂 Thank you for yet another simple and delicious video! Question: I have stage 1 lipedema, and wonder if you have any tips? I have lost 10kg eating wfpbsos free- but my calves and ankles are still the same size and with a lot of excess fat. Big hug from Oslo, Norway

  2. Michele Bridge
    Michele Bridge says:

    You guys get such variety of stuff, I’m sooo jealous 😫.
    I used to peel everything, now I mostly don’t peel anything,game changer 🤗
    Does your new home not have heating?
    If you lived where I am, you don’t need heating but you definitely need air conditioning 🥵
    I love your cooking videos Emmie 🥰🥰

  3. David's Allotment
    David's Allotment says:

    Love 🥰 this video and good simple recipes from the awesome, beautiful and gorgeous Healthy Emmie. I always ground the flaxseed on the day I plan to consume it. Keep safe, warm & well. Love 💕❤Healthy Emmie and all Healthy Hunnies.

  4. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    Emmie, I learned from Dr. Brooke Goldner (goodbyelupus) that the studies show flax needs to be freshly ground or it loses the benefits of the omega 3's because they degenerate really quickly when exposed to air and light. She said pre-ground flax is fine to add flavor or make flax eggs, but it doesn't give the omega 3 benefits that you'd expect. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

  5. Kelly Cavanaugh
    Kelly Cavanaugh says:

    Thanks,as always, Emmie! I use all of the same things in my oatmeal… and here's a little tip for people who like sweet oats but would rather not add sugar: I use the stovetop method with unsweetened almond milk. I just pour it in a little saute pan with half of a VERY RIPE, sliced up banana- obviously, they are super sweet, I add in my oats and cinnamon too, all at the same time. I slowly bring it all to a bubble on medium heat then turn to low and simmer for 5 minutes. The banana melts down and distributes throughout the oatmeal…makes it sweet and creamy! I suppose you could also cook together in the microwave, I just haven't tried it. 🥰

  6. janice hasfaith
    janice hasfaith says:

    Thank you for these recipes. I love your channel!. For the potatoes, I always reserve the water they were cooked in when I drain them and add it in a little at a time as I mash instead of using plant milk.

  7. Jessica Louise Inspiring Health
    Jessica Louise Inspiring Health says:

    Hi Emmie I've come from raw high fruit diet to starch based and my weight has gone up 2 pounds in the first week. Is this normal? I'm freaking out. Also I have atleast 15 pounds to lose (that I gained eating fruit) just worried that eating the 50/50 starch based is making me gain. I dont eat fats either.

  8. SuzyQ
    SuzyQ says:

    The old-school way to peel potatoes was called paring, hence the paring knife. It is much easier to take off mainly peel. Right??! Green bananas? No thanks. Did you know that you can empty an entire dishwasher in the three minutes it takes to cook oatmeal? Well, you lost me at calorie-dense avocado. Personally, I'd rather eat 130 calories of satiating starch or beans than a dinky dab of avocado. For creamy mashed potatoes just mash with the cooking water. Good video. Thanks.


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