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  1. mimi s
    mimi s says:

    Since I started following u my weight loss journey became easy i have moved from 92kgs to currently 77kg I have to loose more 7 in just 3months .thanks alot mama and in this video u look great how many kgs are u now

  2. iamCoachCole
    iamCoachCole says:

    Hi love your videos. Two questions. When you fast what time it start and end? Exactly 24 hrs from last meal like if stop 8pm Monday you eat 8pm Tuesday? Or not until Wed morning?

  3. Nakia O.
    Nakia O. says:

    Love your channel! Any tips of losing breast? I see that your breast shrunk after losing weight and that’s my main area that I want to go. I do OMAD/extended fasting so I’d be eager to hear your experience about your cup size shrinking as mine have not gone down. 💕💕🙏🏽 thanks

  4. mychanellife1
    mychanellife1 says:

    hi i have a question. i work as a nanny and part of my job is to cook meals for the families, which require me to taste a lot of food to make sure it is seasoned properly, that pasta isnt too al dente, etc…..what do u suggest for me as someone who is interested in alternate day fasting for those fast days?

  5. Matt Schindler
    Matt Schindler says:

    Hey girl, so I have a question, my wife and I have been successfully doing ADF now for a month and a half!! I’m losing big time and feeling much better! We have been moderate about junk on our feast days until this last weekend…. We went out of town and ate soooo much candy, pizza, dessert, fried foods, popsicles, and just a lot of bad stuff. We had a great time and today is Monday so we’re back on it! I’m wondering how bad it is to do this on the weekends? Thoughts?

  6. paramjit kaur
    paramjit kaur says:

    Colleen how you i have a one question people are saying on FB group ADF fasting hours are 36.40 is that true how manu hours we have to fast please help me out with that dear my mind is set from last week i m fasting every other day nd this is my second week with clean fasting love you bottom from my heart ♥️ with nd you’re my motivation i hope in this June challenge i will be close to my goal please wish me good luch

  7. Mel Gon
    Mel Gon says:

    Good for you for sneaking in that workout in the middle of your day. I’ve never gone to the gym on the spur of the moment because I need to have actual workout clothes, sports bra etc. And then shower/change right after. If I don’t do it EARLY I rarely can fit it in. Thanks for sharing all that with us!

  8. Renee H
    Renee H says:

    @Colleen Hi there! I have a question for you, I have been doing ADF since May 9th and I’ve lost 8.4lbs is that normal? I know it hasn’t been quite a whole month yet, but I was just wondering if I am on the right track.

  9. Serena S
    Serena S says:

    Now that its heating up my healthy snacks are cucumber and ranch, strawberries and cool whip, and yes roasted almonds all day everyday for the creamy skin!


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