This Changes Everything For Weight Loss (r/AskReddit)

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  1. Elizabeth Douglass
    Elizabeth Douglass says:

    Water. When I started I just stopped drinking my calories. If I plateau it's usually cuz I'm slacking on watering myself. I'm a complicated houseplant who used to think I was a cactus

  2. swanb522
    swanb522 says:

    Everyone talks about having leftovers,if u dont want ur parents nagging you,why fill more than u need?fill less and if u need more you put more

  3. elarhy
    elarhy says:

    Apples were meh… So i bought one of each kind My store had and did a tasting with My parents, who though i was crazy until they started arguing over Fuji vs ambrosía… Honeycrisp and sugar bee won

  4. Alexis Christie
    Alexis Christie says:

    I know it's probably common sense but the first thing I did was cut out drinking calories daily. I'll still have a sweet tea or a sugary coffee, but only on special occasions. It was a life saver during my early weight loss days since I was still struggling with counting calories. Now, I can usually factor in the extra calories by taking away a snack or cutting down on a portion but that was what helped me lose my first 15-20 pounds. Currently down 50 pounds🥳🥳

  5. Ashley Banks
    Ashley Banks says:

    I'm telling yall, as much as I hate to say it, QUITTING SUGAR WORKS ! I went from 236lbs-154lbs and never counted calories. I still ate white bread, white wraps, and pizza. I read packages and kept sugar under 20grams per day *it was so triggering when people even suggested I quit sugar, it's a serious drug guys. I think some people's body's just can't handle it

  6. Pastel Bianchi
    Pastel Bianchi says:

    Counting calories. In most cases, you really have no idea how much you've ACTUALLY eaten until you start logging. I decided to log a few days ago, and I'd eaten 2,100 calories of just broccoli salad 💀

  7. Sven Morgenstern
    Sven Morgenstern says:

    Nixing out the majority of the carbohydrates in my diet. Ironically, my objective was to rein in type II diabetes & couldn't have cared less about excess adiposity. Lost 118 lbs. & gained about 20 lbs. back courtesy of COVID. Down about 8 lbs. rn, 12 lbs. to go to get back to 180 lbs. 👍

    P.S. diabetes is history, BTW. 😁

  8. Jim
    Jim says:

    Cut out drinking! I mean I was drinking about everyday. I wasn't fat but skinny fat. Doing that made my stomach stop hurting so I could eat healthy not just what I could keep down and was more motivated and rested enough to go to the gym and lift everyday. Over the years I dropped body fat and put on about 30 pounds of muscle. The biggest change was to my mental state. I thought I was depressed so I drank, turns out I was just depressed because I was constantly in alcohol withdrawal.

  9. MissJeanie59
    MissJeanie59 says:

    Yep, write it down, write it down, write it down. Just guessing how you are doing is usually useless. Even if you have to guess the calories, or look them up later. You don’t even need a fancy app, just use the notes section on your phone. I also average calories and protein every week, so if I fall off a little I can just adjust. Usually that one setback hardly effects the average at all.

  10. Asanda Mbili
    Asanda Mbili says:

    Can you do more skinny people habits

    I find those more helpful as it helps me create a more maintainable diet and good habits that will stay with me for my entire life

  11. Drink Your Nail Polish
    Drink Your Nail Polish says:

    Realizing I'm an emotional eater helped. Knowing I eat to self soothe made me think of strategies of dealing with it like having a nice cup of tea (0 cals) instead of high calorie comfort food. And meditating, confronting my emotions head on, and exercise all help to deal with my issues.


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