This 1 pan dessert is so good!

This 1 pan dessert is so good!

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Y’all, this recipe surprised me!! #food #life #foodie #youtube #recipe #cooking #love.

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  1. @mimigrabner4486
    @mimigrabner4486 says:

    Dairy free and dairy Cool whip taste exactly the same. I promise. I am lactose intolerant since I was 20 years old. So I had to sadly find substitutes. That is one that was still yummy.

  2. @MikkiandAngel
    @MikkiandAngel says:

    Actually, Cool Whip is made with flavoring and oil and sugar. However, real whip cream is healthier better and it’s made with real cream and sugar and nothing else read the labels honey. I love your program, but please read the labels of the food you’re cooking and it has so much preservatives and chemicals and toxins it literally after long-term you can make you very very sick. There’s so many ways to make what you’re making without using quick ingredients. I know this is your show and I know it’s fantastic cause I love watching it but some of the things you guys use is really toxic. It’s been known to create illnesses and human beings. Sending you to the doctor to get the magic pill that fixes everything. as a retired nurse and a survivor of seven cancers. Truly I do know what I speak of. I hope you take heed and read the labels of food that you are showing. God bless you and I do love your cats they’re beautiful.

  3. @123audreyg
    @123audreyg says:

    I just love the way you do your recipes! You crack me up 😄! That’s how I bake too. Cheapest usually best 😁. You’re great 😊! Keep up with the great recipes 😊

  4. @spaget5548
    @spaget5548 says:

    I don’t understand why you sometimes leave far too much of the contents in a can or container. So wasteful. Your recipes are fun though. Please take time to use a spatula to clear contents. 😊

  5. @cherylturnbull3975
    @cherylturnbull3975 says:

    You make great dessert but for us diabetic u need to try orange fluff it's one package of cottage cheese, one package of cool whip and one can of crushed pineapple and one package of sugar free jello mix all together put in fridge so great my favorite dessert

  6. @teyondamurphy6198
    @teyondamurphy6198 says:

    Oh lord…….. I got triggered when you started breaking it up on the plate AND how you never cut from the corners first!!!! I think you’re adventurous and I love it, lol!!!!! Not sure if I would try this but it’s pretty cool that you tried someone else’s recipe 🥰🥰🥰


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