Thinking About 'Chili' Nights | Pantry Prep Chili Base Canning Recipe

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I don’t know about you but I’m already dreaming about fall, cuddling up with a good bowl of chili around the campfire! Here’s another great idea to have shelf …

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  1. E Phillips
    E Phillips says:

    Had a question about the zucchini, is a thicker maybe? I dumped them in there anyway cause I’m a bit of a Rebel myself. And I did start out with a almost clean kitchen, it’s small so if I make a little mess it looks big😉

  2. Denise Brady
    Denise Brady says:

    OH YEAH !!! always a clean kitchen & clean as you go as well- Slightly OCD hahaha- I am waiting for my chilies to turn red & they are really taking their time this year but WHAM they will turn all at once for sure. Great video Rachel & Todd. Cheers Denise – Australia

  3. Layce
    Layce says:

    Yes!!! Start with a clean kitchen! So glad you posted this recipe, I have yet to purchase a pressure canner so the more water bath recipes.. the better!

    DRUMMER says:

    For the entire video I was worried that you'd get some tomato juice or chili sauce on that beautiful sweater you were wearing. LOL I think you were lucky! 🙂

  5. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Mmm, I never thought about canning chili before. I'll definitely be trying this as I've also got a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. As for water bath canning, that's how I've always done it and I've never had any issues.

  6. Whisper Joy
    Whisper Joy says:

    I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! I'm so excited to learn ALL THE THINGS from you and your canning. You're so calm, explain and teach so well- it's just so helpful for me! Thank you for all the time and effort you put to create content for us.

  7. Garden Girlie04
    Garden Girlie04 says:

    Thank you so much for this video, trying to find ways to use my bumper crop of tomatoes. Is there another way to cook the tomatoes without using the roaster… don’t really want another electric appliance but like the idea of cooking them without the added water!

  8. Tammy Buckhannon
    Tammy Buckhannon says:

    Rachel, I’m so happy you are making all the other pantry necessities, like the pizza sauce, barbecue sauce, etc. Last year I canned plenty of sauce and whole tomatoes, so this year I will be doing the other pantry necessities. .

  9. Just Patty
    Just Patty says:

    I do believe, we just do what we can. Definitely be kind to ourselves and forgiving of how time goes by so quickly. Please don't be too hard on yourselves. ❤🌞🌻❤🌞🌻❤ God bless you all!

  10. Robert Schroeder
    Robert Schroeder says:

    Rachel, you are an amazing woman. Great video and informational for what looks to be a wonderful chili sauce recipe. Great to see Todd as well today. Note: I should "Not" have watched this while working and before lunch as now I am hungry…. Blessings to you both… (Rockford MI)

  11. kay doodle
    kay doodle says:

    I am canning this today! I cannot wait to have a hot bowl of chili on a brisk fall evening. Thank you for all the inspiration on various tomato concoctions. I made my own enchilada sauce over the winter due to your encouragement.

  12. Christine McCoy
    Christine McCoy says:

    Wow this looks so very good. I always put a bit of coca and cinnamon and it is really nice. My tomatoes are not ready yet but I am learning so much from you so am excited. Have you done a video on a zucchini relish? I would love to watch a how to from you. Thank you for the wonderful teachings.

  13. vickie Y
    vickie Y says:

    I agree with a clean kitchen! I am canning salsa tomorrow and I got the tomatoes and veggies cut up today. I canned cowboy candy yesterday so I had to wash and label those jars today and then rearrange my other jars of food to accommodate my new canned foods as I get them done. Then I set out the supplies to start my salsa so i am ready to start in the morning.
    I have a peach tree which I planted when we moved into this house and I have been canning peaches for a full week! I am so glad that is done! Now I have to get busy with my other canning projects.

    Your chili sauce looks so good! I make chili beans in the off season of canning and I love how fast I can make a meal with them. My husband has been eating them over rice while I have been busy in the kitchen. Fast food!

  14. Danielle Blanchard
    Danielle Blanchard says:

    I saved this to Watch later. I am cooking my sauces and freezing in quart size freezer bags. I just can't can now. Hoping I can add the seasonings and freeze. I have spag sauces already. Next ripe batch will be chili base. Also plan to try 1 or 2 of your green tomato solutions. Blessings!

  15. Sally Beckwith
    Sally Beckwith says:

    My husband and I both lost our sense of taste and smell from Covid, and as it has only partially come back 10 months later, we have to rely on following recipes very close. This one sounds really yummy!


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