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This Beef stew recipe is thick and chunky, and packed with amazing flavors. Beef stew is a comforting and hearty recipe that is easy to make. The beef is slow …
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  1. KurlyLila
    KurlyLila says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet since I’ve just found your videos yesterday, but I’ve already sub and saved most of your recipe. Hopefully will try this over the weekend

  2. aisha elyakub
    aisha elyakub says:

    I just made this today against tomorrow dinner and i tasted it wow! Amazing!!! Thanks alot claudia. I dont drink alcohol so i just added half a cup water in place of redwine. I also added two tablespoon of honey to make the tomato sweeter. I added red pepper flakes cos my husband likes a bit of a kick andni added more garlic. It was so so good🧡

  3. Farid Ibrahim
    Farid Ibrahim says:

    Hi. And thanks very much for the wonderful recipes.
    I am sincerely requesting you for one favor. Please also include the PREPARATION details in the description box. It comes in very handy for a last minute reference, as it becomes very difficult to watch the video while cooking. Just like you had mentioned for the "Creamy Garlic Butter Chicken" dish.
    However, thanks so much for the wonderful recipes.

  4. Miss DS
    Miss DS says:

    Hi Claudia ♥️! I always appreciate you taking your time to reply. I know you’re crazy busy with subscribers and kiddos. I have two quick questions. I want to make this tonight for my kids and husband. Since the kids are eating I guess maybe I should omit the wine. What should I replace this with? Also, the kids say they want it soupy . Should I just add more water? I could not find a soup video for you. Thank you !! 🙂


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