These Summer Days: My Favorite Time of The Year

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I love these Summer days! I hope you enjoy this video of working outside and getting some cleaing done on the inside as well.

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  1. @pommom-cm1ej
    @pommom-cm1ej says:

    Hi Amy, Been following you for a number of years. Do you live in Ohio? I used to be Amish and now we are looking to join a Mennonite Church and curious about where you live or the type of conference you attend.

  2. @amandamendoza4181
    @amandamendoza4181 says:

    The kids running on the hay bowls was so fun to see. I had an adventurous childhood and in so many places today(especially big cities) a lot of kids are not able to roam free and able to just be kids! So neat that your kids are able to!!😊❤

  3. @stormy2962
    @stormy2962 says:

    Hello Amy. I always enjoy your videos. We had the same problem with a huge hole in our yard. We had no idea what it was until we were told there was once a oak tree there that fell over. The hole was the roots die from the inside.

  4. @brookhowell8841
    @brookhowell8841 says:

    I loved the mischievous look on Weston's face when he was scooting down the front steps!

    When you drove into town it looks like your corn is so much taller there than ours is here in Nebraska. Your soil is so much darker too!

    So fun to see Jameson playing on top of the round bales!

    I have missed the last video or two. How is your journey to consume less sugar going?

  5. @melissalee1531
    @melissalee1531 says:

    The music you put in while the hubby was filling in the sink hole was great !!!! I was laughing out loud !!!!😂😂😂 What are you feeding those kiddos ??? They have grown so much !!! Tell your hubby happy Father’s Day !!! God bless !

  6. @aimeed4523
    @aimeed4523 says:

    Your home is looking amazing. I love the water feature. I went back and rewatched the video when you initially built it. My son accidentally kicked his soccer ball into the fountain on our back patio and shattered the middle of the base. Yours looks a bit more sturdy. I’m gonna try and make one too.

  7. @gracepolzin5758
    @gracepolzin5758 says:

    Wowwww AMY…… How The Kids Have Grown!!!! What A Beautiful Family U Have.😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Everything Looks Wonderful!!!! Is That A New Faucet I See On The Kitchen Sink????? Marvelous!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. @bobbywoods5773
    @bobbywoods5773 says:

    Thank you so very much your tomato plants and how you take care of them and everything you're two days and could you please tell your husband I said Happy Father's Day have a blessed and safe evening you and your family😊❤😊

  9. @janicebrooks9124
    @janicebrooks9124 says:

    Great video Amy!
    Do you remember where you purchased those retracting plant holders for your petunias? I had purchased several different sets from Amazon, but sadly had to return each set, as none would either lock or retract correctly. If you purchased through Amazon, could you post a link of that particular brand? That way you could get some credit also. I’m now 72, and just can’t reach my porch petunias, nor my hummer feeders, without the risk of toppling over 😢 Love your videos!

  10. @margaretmiller4359
    @margaretmiller4359 says:

    We love watching your videos !! Im amazed at how red the dirt is 😊we also got to watch u on LIVE and really enjoy that. I missed out this last time tho …we just picked our first green beans today … ,its so fun to have garden goodies !! I imagine you're probably not to far behind us in gardening and even might be ahead ..? Looked like the corn along the road was taller then its around here ……

  11. @mssandybeach1
    @mssandybeach1 says:

    We moved to our "empty nesters forever home" 2 years ago. The front of our home faces the east and the back gets the west. I am struggling to get even full sun flowers to make it. Trying a different way this year and we are hoping they make it. In memory of my Mom I want to plant a rose bush and a peony bush. Your landscaping is beautiful…🌸🪷🌺🥀


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