There's Something WEIRD Happening In MOONWOOD MILL🌑🌲

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KIMBER SETTLES INTO MOONWOOD MILL ✨ Join The Family ⚡️ Moonwood Mill has been known to be …

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  1. Marley
    Marley says:

    I made a new save to experience werewolves, but because of all the lore, it has ended up being an occult lovefest.
    As you gain more understanding of the moon symbols, you will get more lore out of re-reading the books. I think they even added some base game books. highly recommend reading the descriptions

  2. Marley
    Marley says:

    if it is the first impression mod you are using, then yes there is a way to generate a new first impression, for both) under actions, I believe.

    Also, a negative first impression won't make it impossible to befriend them, but you will have a slower friendship gain as long as you you have that sentiment. depending on what version of it you have, it might go away. I have the more permanent version XD

  3. Sasha Flip
    Sasha Flip says:

    According to the world lore Celene and Lou were dating and both got bit during a date. While Celene sought a cure,Lou let himself become a werewolf. I think it’s such an interesting story.

  4. misstropicanna14
    misstropicanna14 says:

    I know you said this wasn’t an LP but omg I loved it tho!!! And I LOVE Kimber! In obsessed with the name I’ve only heard it from Nip/Tuck and that Kimber had some serious issues LOL But yeah your Kimber isn’t really my type of sim tbh so when I saw the CAS video I was like
    Mmmmm idk! But omg the story totally flipped the script for me like she came to life and I totally get her, I see her, I love her and I cannot freaking wait to follow her journey. Miss seeing you play ts4 too so this was really exciting.

  5. Quique
    Quique says:

    Once again great vid Jen!! Loving this mini series so far. Can’t wait till you/Kimber learn more of the hidden lore in Moonwood Mill it is amazing. Keep up the good work – much love and respect !

  6. Sam Nicholson
    Sam Nicholson says:

    I love this pack my werewolf sim is depressed though it seems because of being a werewolf he dont wanna be one but I wanna do a bit more with him as a werewolf before I cure him

  7. The Jungle
    The Jungle says:

    To remove a sentiment, if you have MCCC just go to the sim profile and right click on it and it’ll ask you if you wanna remove the sentiment! Right clicking on a lot of UI stuff can change it if you have MCCC. 🙂


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