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The World’s Cheapest Food – How to Cook Long Grain Rice – Save Money – The Hillbilly Kitchen Long Grain Rice is less than 6 …

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  1. Charles Weber
    Charles Weber says:

    I grew up in the east Tennessee valley—some of my best 4-H friends were from Claiborne county. I'm now living in Denver, agnostic, out as pansexual, and a socialist. But I will always miss and remember fondly the beauty of that part of the world and the kindness of the people. I may disagree with every word on the signs in your kitchen, but I appreciate so much how you bless those around you with teaching and encouragement. No prayers, but best of wishes to you and yours.

  2. Recovering Soul
    Recovering Soul says:

    I don't throw anything out now. It might add flavor to something. I usually add rice to cold water and it turns out fine. I'll need to try the boiling method. Keeping the lid on is key. My stove here on low gets too low, so I have to turn it up some. I miss my old stove, 20 minutes was perfect once it came to a boil.

  3. Pam Cook
    Pam Cook says:

    Hi I love your channel and I am subscribed. Please continue what you are doing. You are bringing the word of the Lord to people. You are so inspirational. 🙏🙏🙏 I love all the food you cook too! Keep up the good work. God Bless you and your family! 🙂🙏❤

  4. Reta Bates
    Reta Bates says:

    I know, who can't cook regular rice, but I have people come to my house, aids, that help me in my kitchen. They cook meals for me and I have to show them how to cook rice or stuff that is home cooking, or separate dried beans and wash them, or make gravy, it is just crazy, I am glad you are here to help me and others spread the word as well, God bless you Sweetheart take care and stay safe

  5. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    you ever watch
    'deep south bama mr tom'?
    he just did a youtube video on rice in last couple days thats very interesting about prices of it and supposed high prices, shortages, russia and other countries holding it back from us… it was very informative. he showed it all on computer and broke it all down- he keeps it real

  6. Marne Lemke
    Marne Lemke says:

    Thank you for recipes for those on a budget. I do have a question about cooking. I have an electric stove, when reducing the heat for 20 minutes do I need to do anything else? Thank you

  7. Natalie Johnson
    Natalie Johnson says:

    My Mother used to take leftover rice from dinner and make what she called rice cereal for breakfast. She would add canned milk, margarine, salt, and sugar to the rice and let it simmer. She would mash it with a masher which made it creamy.


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