The Very First Kentucky Fried Chicken Before if was KFC: Come with Me to Corbin, Kentucky

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What do you think about KFC? Is it still as good as it was back when the Colonel was running things? KFC (also commonly …

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  1. Jeremy Lott
    Jeremy Lott says:

    Great video. Thanks for taking us on a tour. Always wanted to check it out in person. It's not too far from my parents house in Perryville, Kentucky. So I don't know what my excuse for not going is.
    I wish kfcs' here in Michigan sold chicken livers. That's something me and my brother always look forward to when we visit. We always stop and get a few orders when we head back home. And they actually stay good for the 6 hour ride.
    We've been getting them from Lee's Famous Chicken for the past few years. They're pretty dang good. Lee Cummings was actually Harland Sanders nephew. I'd better stop now before this ends up being a book. I'm starting to be a become a bit of a history nerd here at 46 years old.

  2. disco07
    disco07 says:

    My first real job was making chicken at KFC at Ginos Tysons Virginia. Best job I ever had. My manager was the ultimate kool. He drove a pretty Thunderbird and would throw me the keys to open.

  3. Randy Green
    Randy Green says:

    MR. Sanders would roll over in his grave if he was to eat some KFC from around here!! It's nowhere near as good as it used to be and i don't know why?? I mean the gizzards used to be the best on the planet!! Now if they even have them they are hard fried not pressure cooked. I see the kfcs around here with empty parking lots all the time. Its just a shame that such a good recipe is altered to make it faster!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!

  4. Kimberly Lyerly
    Kimberly Lyerly says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing, John and Jodie. Safe travels and God bless 🙏
    Between me and you, I think Colonel Sanders would roll over in his grave if he saw what his business has become. 😢

  5. Mark W. Young
    Mark W. Young says:

    I remember us driving to Winston-Salem as a child to get Kentucky Fried Chicken before it became KFC. I also remember the big bucket on the pole out front that turned. We loved it. I remember tv commercials featuring the Colonel.

  6. Jo ann Green
    Jo ann Green says:

    I have been watching driving videos about europe and i see so many kfcs. London denmark finland sweden all over its only one in my city they mostly all closed down. I was very surprised to learn how much they like fried chicken in europe thanks for the tour i still get a taste for kfc its good eating

  7. Mitch Espinoza
    Mitch Espinoza says:

    Thank you for taking us along. I live in Colorado and have traveled in my younger day but have settled in with Colorado adventures, so it’s great to see places I’ll never get to. Thanks

  8. Peter Logan
    Peter Logan says:

    Don't let the museum whitewash Harland Sanders, he was a very spicy man. He shot one of his competitors in Corbin for painting over his signs and once he was making big money from franchising he bought a Rolls Royce that he called his "pussywagon".

  9. noeasy way
    noeasy way says:

    good stuff, love the Guess Who playing in the background at the beginning, i could not see the prices on the board but here in Canada 2 hrs east of Detroit i think it's 40 dollars for a 20 bucket, 60 for a 25 party pak, sandwiches are 10 plus tax , and the chicken is horrible way to young to be deep fried, no chicken livers up here either .i haven't bought it for at least 20 yrs, woke up at 3 am dieing of thirst from the salt, had a few pieces not many that others have bought since then, i can get three whole chickens without tax at grocery store for the price of a bucket and barby it at home the flavour is not the same as the 70's 80's 90's

  10. Michael Myrick
    Michael Myrick says:

    I mean no disrespect. It is interesting to me you say “fount” for the word, found. You have a very distinct Appalachian dialect. I have heard others from Appalachia say fount for the word “found” the same way. Enjoying your channel.

  11. William Zander
    William Zander says:

    His first franchise that opened was in Salt Lake City Utah . He went bankrupt and got out of Canada gave the stores away to avoid taxes .Pepsi destroyed KFC they Salmonella and lot of restaurants lost there franchisees it went down hill they have a lot of competition and there fryers are made in EATON OHIO BEEN THERE HENNY PENNY COMPANY. Chicken price and bacteria can close you down .

  12. Anhar Channel Mixt..
    Anhar Channel Mixt.. says:

    Thank you for sharing Appalachian Channel and showed us the history of Harlan Sander's of Kentucky Fried Chicken and can you believed me and my whole family worked at one time during the Cuban refugees in Key West Fl around 1978-79 What a memories to remember

  13. Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln says:

    John R Neal Company owned the Corbim, KY location in the 80's.I went there to work for 2 weeks because they cleaned house & they needed to train a whole new crew. I worked for John R. Neal in Murfreesboro, TN. The chicken store wasn't easy work, but I count it as good experience, I went on to manage people (process & packaging) for 34 years..


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