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In this video, Jamie Geller will show you how to braise a beef brisket with ease, no more fear of braising. Brisket with dates and wine has only 8 ingredients, but …
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  1. Mark Simons
    Mark Simons says:

    Personally, I would liquidise the onions and dates in that sauce, strain it to ensure there are no "bits", and then heat it until you get a the creamy consistency you like.
    BTW I usually soak dried fruit first to get rid of some of the sugary taste…..but then I am British. Any dried fruit would do for this particular recipe.

  2. Marie Myles
    Marie Myles says:

    Hi Jamie and thank you so much for all your great recipes you share with the world. I made this brisket today and wow, I am seriously so amazed on how it came out, just delicious, very tender and full of flavor!! And the best part is that it was very simple to make. Toda raba!!

  3. Peter A
    Peter A says:

    Great video. I made this the other day and it was DELICIOUS! Even though I cut the (12lb before trimming) brisket into thirds, I was only able to fit two of the pieces in my 5qt dutch oven. Which brings me to my question….could you provide some information about the pan you're using? It looks like a Viking? What size? Stay safe!

  4. Ron C
    Ron C says:

    She said cook it low and slow for 4 hours… what temperature is Low? Oh… just saw the link, thanks! Wonderful production quality and a great recipe!

  5. Avraham Hirsch
    Avraham Hirsch says:

    ה ישמור!
    There is a point and the flat. Those are the brisket cuts. And as for actually cooking it, the best recipe is salt and pepper and smoked with oak wood chunks for a minimum of 9 hours. Cover at 160 °f and remove at 190 to 200. That's it. Anything else isn't brisket.

    Full disclosure, I'm a Texan.


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