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AD | Last time we saw the TOKIT Omni Cook, it was safe in the hands of our chefs. This time we’ve let all 3 of our normal home cooks loose with it in an Ultimate …
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  1. Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf says:

    Gonna second Ebbers on this – use knuckles on touchscreens. I do a lot of work with touch-screen POS machines, and if anyone has long nails, or works around greases, or has been handling frost-covered pints…. use your knuckle.

  2. Barry Gillis
    Barry Gillis says:

    Feeling dirty boys? i sense a lack of enthusiasm and awkward forced insertion of the product of this advertisement, such a letdown, at least we can all see that you arent having much fun doing these!

  3. Stefanie Alexandra
    Stefanie Alexandra says:

    Soo, that machine worked great and everything , but as i grew up using a thermomix for the last 20 years it just seems like a blatant rip-off? Maybe that's just a German problem because it might not be as well known in other countries, but if you consider buying the tokit you should definitly look into adapting the thermomix recipes

  4. TockHeng Lim
    TockHeng Lim says:

    I’ve heard the versatility of this equipment. I am homing to be able to get it to do all my cooking of course preparations have to be done such as washing cutting etc but once the ingredients are in waalah…. Just have to watch to eat when cooked.

  5. Rebecca Woodward
    Rebecca Woodward says:

    I really think Mike won this battle. Jamie did the test we care about the most. The fact that it nose is very important. Barry's dish was nice. But this is the second time in recent weeks that Barry has won when he had issues. He forgot seasoning here. The timered challenge, he went over by a couple hours. The cupcake challenge had him using straight alcohol in the jelly that ended up looking like wet cat food . Why do the Chef's baby him? These 3 challenges seemed to very clearly be won by other people. It's not like Barry needs a pity win. He has shown in other challenges that he is capable and can win on his own merits. Not really sure what's happening lately….

  6. Tamrixa
    Tamrixa says:

    I'd love to see a "Pass It On" meets "Remote Control" meets "Telephone" where there is a chef doing all the cooking, being remote controlled by three normals, "pass it on" style. Only the first Normal knows what the dish is(pull recipe out of a hat), the chef doesn't know but has to do exactly what the normals say to do.

  7. Meg Bock
    Meg Bock says:

    The only one I would eat would Jamie's, but it also annoyed me because I don't think that was a salsa. Salsas to me are chunky. That was like a soup.

    I'd probably vote for Mike's even though I don't do seafood.


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