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  1. Mary G
    Mary G says:

    Happy Birthday, Chef AJ! ❤ Thank you for having Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lisle on today. I always enjoy their interviews. I love Dr. Lisle's laugh! And I know something is really funny when Dr. Goldhamer smiles.

  2. Trish Stauble
    Trish Stauble says:

    Thanks for your work, Chef AJ ! Happy Birthday. Thank you for shining the light on whole food, plant based eating and living. I am so thankful for finding you and your videos and the summits you organize with Toby.

  3. Catherine Bridgeman
    Catherine Bridgeman says:

    Just finished listening to you on the Kathleen Gage (Plant-Based Eating for Health) Podcast and it was such a delight, dear AJ!
    I follow you for years but didn’t know THAT much of your backstory until now. Didn’t expect I could like you even more than I already did! So much respect for you and your work!

    excited for this episode of your show, Dr. Lisle and Goldhammer are superstars!


  4. Matt Richards
    Matt Richards says:

    All dieters are liars is very true. On my 600 pound life they will lose a ton of weight when they are in a controlled setting like a hospital then out in the real world they lose nothing or gain and just won't admit they didn't follow the program. It's funny how the weight comes off in a controlled setting

  5. Debbie Blackman
    Debbie Blackman says:

    Happy birthday AJ 🎉. You are truly inspiring! This was a fantastic episode, I could listen to these two for hours. My personality is overly conscientious and I have quite strict guidelines for myself in saying that I love my food and living this lifestyle has transformed my life. Unfortunately my 18 year old beautiful daughter with a very addictive personality is struggling with depression and food addiction. She is overweight and is trying to lose it by calorie restriction, therefore still eating ice cream, pizza etc. I have tried to explain to her that it is a slippery slope and she needs to cut out the processed high fat sugary foods but she is not ready to listen. I have given your book to her to read but I don’t think she is ready to read it. I really worry for her health. Thank you for all the work you do. You are helping do many people 😊

  6. Meg Morris
    Meg Morris says:

    I LOVE this talk!!! It’s the perfect storm of truth & humor ❤😂. I’m laughing out loud while nodding my head…yes,yes,yes!! You all are changing my life. REAL TIME ❤

  7. Pamela Vail
    Pamela Vail says:

    A special happy birthday and weekend to you Chef AJ! Thank you for sharing yourself and all your knowledgeable guests. Of course Dr Lisle and Dr Goldhamer are at the top of my list! Many blessings to you.

  8. Marleri
    Marleri says:

    Sure. Wheat berries, oat groats, farro, brown rice are "boiled" and are perfectly fine (especially with lots of veggies and no sugar, oil, or salt) and they aren't disgusting.

  9. Marleri
    Marleri says:

    I really hate that he brings up simone biles. She's one of the most talented and accomplished gymnasts in our time. She had a bad week timed with the week of the Olympics during a global pandemic. I dont even begin to judge yer decision to not complete in one event. Lol. But thats cool i still enjoy hearing the e.p. wind out

    I have a good fried sleeps about two hours a night. Hes always been that way. He swims about two miles a day and has a lovely family stable partner and stable dream job. He just does not sleep. Nobody knows why. ? Its not because hes not active. Nor is it because he doesn't get outside in nature. Hes a surfer, outdoors a lot and very fit.

  10. Christina Perez
    Christina Perez says:

    This is more than helpful; eye opening for me. Time to stop conveniently lying to myself about the junk I keep allowing into my diet. Going to prove Chef AJ and these wonderful doctors right. Thank you 🙏 💪🏼

  11. Maxine Kaplan
    Maxine Kaplan says:

    Dee having scary dreams have anything to do with eating. Scary enough to jump out of bed frightened to death. I can’t get sufficient sleep. I tired to ask this question during the live session but wasn’t able to.. asking for m faugyter.


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