The Secret to Perfect Turkey Congee

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Use your leftover Thanksgiving turkey to make this rich and creamy congee. ** Chinese Homestyle COOKBOOK! ** Amazon …

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  1. Flo Lum
    Flo Lum says:

    Happy Turkey Week, Amerifriends!🦃🍁🇺🇸 Keep enjoying the rest your leftover turkey with this super creamy congee. Super thankful for all of you! Happy Sunday! 💕

  2. Anthony Chappell
    Anthony Chappell says:

    I have never heard of Congee before, but it looks so good. The concept of roasting turkey bones is new to me also, but I will be trying that out during the holidays this holiday season for sure! 😊

  3. Victor Lee
    Victor Lee says:

    Love the recipe for congee,(jook) , I just forwarded it to my sister in Florida , she always have lots of leftover , comfort food reminds me of rainy days and daddy’s jook, made with pork bones , Have a Blessed Sunday with your family ,

  4. J T
    J T says:

    Leftover turkey for congee is the best! Especially when my mum make it on boxing day here in the UK with the leftover turkey, she adds some leftover pork, saga and onion stuffing which makes it so tasty!

  5. Luv80s
    Luv80s says:

    Oh my gosh! I made turkey porridge and used smoked turkey wing last week . It Came out delicious and so full of flavor. Thank you Lum family for sharing wonderful tips and recipes. Wishing you and your family a wonderful thanksgiving. ❤

  6. IrishRose
    IrishRose says:

    I still, have never made jook. Wonder if the family would like it, they like rice. And we certainly will have enough leftover turkey. My son & his girlfriend bought a 24 lb turkey for the four us 😉🦃🇺🇸 Thank you, I hope your Thanksgiving Day was beautiful 🦃😊🇨🇦

  7. jonesbub1
    jonesbub1 says:

    That’s the first time I’ve seen congee prepared. I didn’t know how easy it is to prepare and it looks so very comforting. Maybe turkey clubs won’t be the only treat after the feast! Happy Sunday and TFS, Sharon🤗♥️🦃

  8. Tim Norman
    Tim Norman says:

    Does the ginger fully break down in the pot? Seems like it is a lot but that might be because I'm used to only seeing a teaspoon or tablespoon used. I might just have to go get a regular turkey just to try this. I only bought a breast this year.

  9. caro
    caro says:

    Turkey jook is one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving! When I was young my mom used to make it so simple, Turkey, rice, salt and water. That was perfect! Then she started adding vege like carrots and celery to make it healthier. That’s NOT jook that’s turkey rice soup! Sigh she still makes it like that to this day. Anyhow thanks for all the tips, I never thought to roast bones again, it make’s perfect sense and the whisk trick is genius! I’m making the turkey this year so jook is going to be made the way I like it 😊.


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