The Power of Community – Live Hangout!

The Power of Community – Live Hangout!

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  1. @briananderson401
    @briananderson401 says:

    It's great that you guys are here! Many people who are starting to learn & eat a WFPB diet need this community support. So, kuddos! I myself have been eating a clean WFPB diet since 2005 & other than my non-vegan wife I had virtually zero support. We didn't have social media when I started but I stuck with it. Books, education, & the will to improve my health & longevity kept me going. However, now that we have you & a few others here on social media makes it all the better. Community support is the key.

  2. @Jim_L
    @Jim_L says:

    Dylan, I know you've got one heck of a full plate, but I'm just going to throw this out there for you to keep in the back of your mind. You should consider writing a book. You could sort of pick up where Dr. McDougall left off. Your book could address the other side of a Dr. Greger or Dr. Fuhrman, by keying in on not focusing on all the litle details. Like you always say, "We didn't get sick because we didn't cut up our kale and let it sit for an hour before eating it so that all the extra healthy chemical processes take place."

    You could share your personal story, from how you found yourself on this whole-food, entirely plant-based journey. You could go into greater detail about the importance of the social element in how it helps people stick to this way of eating.

    And you could also emphasize how to keep this all simple, which is where Dr. McDougall was so strong in pointing out.

    Anyhow, you and Reebs are doing a spectacular job with your channel. Keep up the good work! 😃

  3. @lynnclough28
    @lynnclough28 says:

    Wonderful that you clarified the reference to Dr. Esselstyn. My husband has heart disease. His cardiologist is so pleased with his progress on the Esselstyn's diet plan.

  4. @maryjo5518
    @maryjo5518 says:

    Sorry I missed the “live,” but I really appreciate your Dillon diatribes … I like to listen while grocery shopping; keeps me from putting garbage in my cart 🛒, and it keeps me smiling (and often laughing out loud) while doing an otherwise boring task.
    Please continue to keep it real, and all the best to your family 😊

  5. @Juls-mimi
    @Juls-mimi says:

    Thanks for doing these. I couldn’t figure out how to find the hangout until today 😂. I’m new to well your world but am enjoying it and the recipes. Thanks ❤

  6. @user-lw6ou6nm3c
    @user-lw6ou6nm3c says:

    37:57 Re: a commenters request your opinion on wheat or wheat gluten and genetic modifications. My hunch is this commenter may have watched Dr Alan Goldhamer's Q & A, part 1 video dated Jan 25, 2017, or may have heard feed back from someone that watched that video. Its on his website. If you go to 18:44 in that video, he does talk about the genetic evolution of wheat, saying wheat today is comprised of about 40 some genes, and It originally use to have only 17 genes. He said this genetic modification allowed them to get 10 times the amount of wheat per acre.

    As for gluten, Alan said there's a problem with people that carry the HLA-DQ gene which is what they test for to diagnose Celiac disease. 1% of the population will test positive for Celiac/Gluten sensitivity, so when consuming wheat, your immune system attacks your colon. However, even a person who tests negative, may still carry the HLA-DQ gene. But instead of attacking your colon, your immune system may attack other parts of your body for instance your thyroid, causing Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and one of the triggers is thought to be exposure to gluten. He goes on to say that some people who consume wheat, don't get Hashimoto's, but instead may get joint pain, or sinusitis, or fatigue and irritability or combinations. He said some people find there's a lot of symptoms that go away just from getting rid of gluten, and wheat, rye, and barley are the dominant sources of gluten.

    Hope this was helpful. 🙂

  7. @tabitharussell5567
    @tabitharussell5567 says:

    I feel so seen with this episode. Driving myself CRAZY trying to be perfect and repeatedly educating myself on the power of plants to keep me on track has kept me stuck and stressed out. I needed this and I need this community for support so I signed up for the membership. All this time I thought something was wrong with me. Thank you for showing me I’m not alone. ❤

  8. @JPMasonDun
    @JPMasonDun says:

    I wear the “Hummus a tune” to my guitar lesson, and my guitar teacher loves it. He asked about Well Your World, so I told him.

    Wheat is highly genetically altered. It can’t survive without human interference.

  9. @tosca...
    @tosca... says:

    I'm in Sydney (Australia not Canada or Florida) so I missed the live, but you guys make a great point about community. Just my experience, but it’s not so easy from a great distance and a very different time zone to participate fully. In my real life I'm the only WFPB person and it's definitely evident that people don't understand it or quite know what to do with you. I can't change that. I can really be in charge of myself and imo habits are the secret. Changing habits until it's your lifestyle and you don’t have to think about it is the key I reckon. It feels like a waste of your lifestyle goal to consume poor quality food. Your body doesn't need the “bad food”, which may not be immediately harmful, but there is risk of it changing those carefully built habits. Those habits can be delicate!
    I am also with you on the overwhelmed and emotional feelings about Dr McDougall's death. Honestly it feels almost like someone I actually met and knew has died. I'm sure The McDougall Program and The Starch Solution and all his other works, including his amazing newletters, will stand the test of time. I didn't know he had a permanent limp as a result of the massive lacunar stroke he had at 18 years old. He'd apparently used a cane for the last decade of his life, which was never evident via our online relationship 😉
    He was a genius and deserves a prominent place in the WFPB/vegan pantheon. I think of him as carved into the WFPB Mt Rushmore with Colin T Campbell, Dr Esselstyn and Dr Ornish. But, yes, it's still hard to digest and definitely hard to speak about. I think it's because our relationship with him was personal from our side.
    And how delicious it was to see your adorable boys! My kids were chunky breastfed babies too, but totally normal weight adults. It's been the same for their own babies. It looks like Otis might have Dillon's lanky build? A tall little guy in the making i suspect. You're both making a beautiful family for sure. My kids were not crazy about fireworks either, although we regularly watched Sydney's spectacular fireworks from a distance with a gun barrel view up Sydney Harbour of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House without the noise of the explosions being so close to be stressful. But your little men are still babies! ❤

  10. @trinettewells5013
    @trinettewells5013 says:

    I'm new to this and because of WYW I feel I can live the rest of my life eating this way. I've been looking at more IP meals for the quick and easy. I like the way WYW makes cooking a no brainer and so easy. I don't like to cook but when the feeling hits I want it to be good and tasty. I just purchased more soups and the membership. This I can stand behind. I am also trying to get off my cholesterol meds and my Dr. okayed me staying off of them for 6 months. November will be the month to get retested. I can't wait to blow all my blood work numbers out the water and to have lost more weight to boot. I will admit I had intermittent fasting down to a T. Now I'm adding plant base to the mix and I'm sauteing with water! I look forward to the new me with the help of this group.


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