The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak At Home (2 Ways)

The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak At Home (2 Ways)

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  1. @InDeathOnlyNothing
    @InDeathOnlyNothing says:

    Too much bread and the onions are too big. I would scrape out some of the inner bread in the loaf and make it a skinny loaf and I wouldn't even put onions on it but more beef and just cook the onions and put them through a strainer and strain onion juice onto the beef. Then fix a Hot Dog and put the onions with the Hot Dog.

  2. @BrianBorges-ez3ls
    @BrianBorges-ez3ls says:

    Hey Josh! I see that awkward little 4" hoagie every time I step out of the shower.🫣 An alternative if you'd like to eat on Day 1?: Find a local bakery and buy a suitable roll. If you're in the boonies, you most likely have access local grannies who will keep you in heavenly baked goods if you cut their lawns or clean their rain-gutters. Thanks for helping me get my "steak" to proper "Phillyness"! And as someone with a 25 year old Sage in the back garden, thanks for the garlic-sage topping!

  3. @rakuencallisto
    @rakuencallisto says:

    I hate how a lot of his videos are portrayed as doable and "easy" recipes, then sows the seeds of the wheat in a $100,000 kitchen with equipment that sends astronauts into space.

  4. @BIG49907
    @BIG49907 says:

    I've been to Philly quite a bit and have family there. I'm travel quite a bit but I am from Anchorage, Alaska that being said the best Philly I have ever had was not in Philly. It's actually a restaurant in Anchorage, ALASKA called " Straight out of Philly". THE BEST EVER hands down.
    Price, taste, portion (EVERYTHING).. Shout out to Philly, though. No disrespect intended.❤

  5. @halexander1736
    @halexander1736 says:

    the second concoction was a steak sandwich. a philly cheesesteak is shaved ribeye, thinly sliced onion, chopped together on the plancha. the roll is not toasted. the cheese goes on the chopped meat and onion, then it's topped by the roll. you use your spatula to invert the cheesesteak then add your ketchup peppers or whatever.


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