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This is truly the one ingredient that will help you take your pasta game to the next level! That one thing, combined with red chili …

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  1. Rob Fanucci
    Rob Fanucci says:

    Sammy, Max and Chance,
    I love you guys !! Which is why I want to tell you that the g is silent in Aglio e Olio !! Sammy, It’s driving me crazy every time you say it. Feel free to text me anytime for any Italian words you need help with. The help is free. But I’ll take your new cook book if you’re feeling generous. How about some Venison or Duck in the future. Thanks for the videos
    Love you guys !!

  2. B Wally
    B Wally says:

    Can't afford wagu or truffles, looks awesome though. Make some poor mans(persons) food. The high inflation is really having an impact, so I'm talking about the 99cent menu stuff.

  3. elizabeth fraizer
    elizabeth fraizer says:

    Hi Samthecookingguy!!! My friend met you tonight. I am so jealous. However, she told you we ( boyfriend Charles) make the recipes you cook on the weekends. Thats incorrect. We make what you make ALL THE TIME.
    This recipe I am responding to, we made yesterday. Delicious!! We love you (and Max and Chance) and enjoy viewing you. Your videos brighten and enlighten our day! So thank you!
    I still need to get your book, will do soon.
    Until your next video- Liz & Charles

  4. kelly walker
    kelly walker says:

    8 or 9 minutes on the pasta? Makes me chuckle you guys and your cooking times at sea level.
    At 9000 ft that's about angel hair cooking time……lol. But sure do enjoy your show!

  5. Mike Cain
    Mike Cain says:

    max see how many views in 3 days 85k? normally way more by now. STOP yuppifying this channel and stick to why 90% are here. making cheap food taste like yuppie food. MAX THIS IS ON YOU.

  6. NOT NOW
    NOT NOW says:

    Sam, you've got to re-do that damn chicken soup-adobo, which adobo is not a soup.
    Perhaps pork butt cut in stew size would be better… remember adobo is not a soup.

  7. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Dry Aging Beef, Wagyu Ribeyes with A5 Drunken Wagyu and now Black Truffles. Oy! Love you Sam, but with inflation and gas prices, most people cannot afford to plate what you're dishing out, let alone a good normal steak. Please get back to being a Cook so that we may participate more. Love you and no harm intended.

  8. Eric Murillo
    Eric Murillo says:

    Love your Channel and eat at not not tacos every time I’m in SD. that Lamb taco gets me every time. I know u don’t seem to do much desserts. But can u tackle the Nanaimo Bars???……everyone seems to have a bunch of different ratios for it. Seeing as your from Canada 🇨🇦 u would be the guy to ask.

  9. Susan Rolstad
    Susan Rolstad says:

    Lol I always broke the noodles in half when my kids were small later left them whole I did not get 5 stars that day.. make it comfortable for your customers;) in half or whole it all taste the same. Flavor comes from what you add

  10. Lighten Up
    Lighten Up says:

    This was my favorite dish at my favorite restaurant (in Connecticut) for a long time. 👍 I remember being shocked when they finally told me that there were anchovies in it. Apparently a very small amount that disintegrated upon cooking. Tons of garlic, olive oil, touch of butter, parsley, anchovies, parmesan cheese. 🥰

  11. The Angry Patriot
    The Angry Patriot says:

    After watching your Taco Bell Mexican pizza it looked absolutely delicious try something called a fajita quesadilla absolutely amazing I had it at a Mexican restaurant and it's outstanding please research it try to make it I promise you you won't be disappointed


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