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  1. @marissa._
    @marissa._ says:

    As much as I like Beyoncé, I don't understand what the issue is. 🤷

    Beyoncé has 29 grammys in total, thus far. 29 Grammys is A LOT and that's a big achievement.

    Why exactly is ‘Album of the year’ THAT important of a category/grammy to win when you already have 29 Grammys? I'm not understanding the importance of winning THAT PARTICULAR category.

    Can someone please explain?

    Do people know that the Grammys isn't controlled by the people/fans of different artists and their music??? Its not the fans that get a vote. The Grammys has a committee of faceless and nameless people and they're the ones that pick and select whom they deem is "worthy" of winning the award.


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