The Mexican Style POT ROAST Everyone should know how to make, Slow Cooker POT ROAST Recipe

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  1. joey vanderyacht
    joey vanderyacht says:

    I got my chili powders in the mail today!!! Fernandez chili co! Woot woot❤️❤️🤣I just need to find a recipe I think you posted a long time ago about making red Chile sauce with ground choke powder.❤it smells so good even through the bag!!!

  2. Goodgirl81
    Goodgirl81 says:

    New subscriber here!! Been binge watching your 11 hr compilation and Im hooked girls! You and cloud make me miss my girls back in Cali. Feel like part of the family already. 😘

  3. bobby reich
    bobby reich says:

    I posted a request on an old video so you probably didn't look at it, but I would like your make on this, it was the best seafood enchiladas I have ever had, but I know by watching your shows over and over again you could adjust it and make it even better. The restaurant that it came from is no longer around but it was called Chi Chi's, and it was in Wichita KS. here is a Youtube link to a recipe for it. I couldn't see in the recipe that it called for nutmeg but is swear either the sprinkling on top or in the enchilada it's self it had a slight hint of it. Well with all that said I hope you do try to make and tweak it.

  4. Arlene Rodriguez
    Arlene Rodriguez says:

    Just YYYUUUMMMYYY!!! I esp appreciate how you were enjoying it. Makes me want to try it more for sure. It's absolutely a recipe I will be making real soon. Only cutting the recipe in half. And, I'm definitely gonna try your rice recipe. Very different for me and really to have it with Pot Roast, which I would usually have with mashed potatoes. It's going to be a PERFECT DINNER!! Thanks loads for sharing it with us. Arlene

  5. Janet F
    Janet F says:

    I don't cook for a large family and my slow cooker is only 3 1/2 qts but it's all good because your recipes are always easy for me to cut in half and still get great results! 👏😋💞


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