The Medical System is Broken

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  1. CarnivoreMD
    CarnivoreMD says:

    I did NOT learn nutrition in medical school!

    During medical school I studied pharmaceutical drugs for countless hours…

    Mechanisms, side effects, indications, contraindications…

    This is what you do in medical school, you learn what drugs to give for certain diagnoses…

    And there’s definitely a place for medications in the treatment of chronic illnesses…

    But I don’t think medications should be the ONLY, or even the FIRST thing we use within medicine to help people who are suffering…

    What I WASN’T taught in medical school was how to think about the ROOT CAUSE of an illness…

    As medical students, we simply weren’t challenged to ask these types of questions…

    But as I fell down the rabbit hole and began to become curious out what was actually causing the illnesses I had learned how to treat with medications I came to one conclusion…

    The food we eat is the biggest lever in determining if we will be healthy, or unwell…

    And that changing the food we eat can MASSIVELY improve our health in times of illness…

    Now that I have realized this, I feel compelled to share these ideas as a central part of what I do…

    I want to be a part of changing the medical system for the better, and changing the way that medical students are taught…

    Yes, it’s important that physicians learn the ins/outs of medications…

    But I believe it’s MORE important they learn to ask questions about the roots of chronic illness, and the power of dietary changes to improve this.

    Food is medicine is cliche, but food is damn powerful in making you healthy or sick. Full stop.

    What food should you eat?  I believe the best way for humans to eat is an #animalbased diet of organs, meat, fruit, honey, and raw dairy.

    Want to make a positive dietary change? Join me and @heartandsoilsupplements for our FREE 30 day Animal Based challenge, starting August 1. to sign up!

    Welcome to #theremembering

  2. Eric T  Rockin U 🎸
    Eric T Rockin U 🎸 says:

    How can I speak to you in real time I’m 57 and the drs I’ve had to see want me on many meds that are making me sick and feel worse so they want to give me other meds I don’t know what to do please help!!!

  3. Maya
    Maya says:

    Doctors have a gift for memorizing but not for critical thinking. Look at how many doctors recommended a shot that hasn’t even passed clinical trials.

  4. Ark Rules
    Ark Rules says:

    40-120 years ago, each village didn't have coorporrations supplying medicines and pills…
    Diet + local flora should be shared knowledge.
    Science should obbey society not profit.
    Pharmaceutical companies serve profit not people… they also use Universities+Institutes donations to control curriculum 😇 SIMPLE

  5. gtrslgr
    gtrslgr says:

    Western medicine is a joke. My wife had magnesium WAISTING and it was not diagnosed for 20 years and she was given every drug known to man and all she needed was magnesium shots. The FDA runs everything and they completely corrupt…I have been a care taker for 20 years. Two lives ruined because the FDA wanted her to use drugs

  6. Lisa Knieriem
    Lisa Knieriem says:

    If I could just spend an hour with you…
    to discuss proper nutrition of course.
    Sometimes I think I’m a strange anomaly and I’m sick of not being able to reach my health goals. 🙄 Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge. I hope I’m not screwed up beyond repair, I feel like that sometimes.

  7. WamZamSauce
    WamZamSauce says:

    It’s all about money and power bro they don’t care about you … us…. Control the food control the people it’s a American thing .. they’re gonna fill you full of stuff and then when they put the 5G towers out and flip the switch ooo boy u better be ready for the zombie apocalypse


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