The JAMAICAN recipe from MOM’S KITCHEN that You’ll LOVE

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If you’ve never had curry before, then you will want to make this one for sure! It comes right from my mom’s kitchen and you won’t …

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  1. @thenarddogcooks
    @thenarddogcooks says:

    I say this is from mom’s kitchen, but really that means “just add a little this and a little that”. 😅 So when I made this I had to let her taste it. And she was actually blown away and didn’t even pick up on the special something in there. She said “I may have to go back to the drawing board” 👀. Still can’t believe I impressed her! 🤩

  2. @EvahA7
    @EvahA7 says:

    Last night I grabbed a bag if lentil from my pantry and wanted to try something different, other than plain lentil soup. So I searched vegan recipe with lentils and found this recipe. As a Caribbean gyal..I had all the I ingredients and when I tell you that it turned out perfectly…Even my children approved.

  3. @chandamamakathalu9489
    @chandamamakathalu9489 says:

    As an Indian, I can't stop telling this- please, please, please, always, always, always soak your lentils and legumes over night…. Then cook them in a pressure cooker for 8-10 whistles before adding to your soup or curry or pasta or whatever…

    Soaking lentils and legumes overnight and then cooking them in pressure cooker- this will be easy on your stomach… Flatulence or bloating won't occur….

  4. @ellec1009
    @ellec1009 says:

    Ha! I 75% of the time add peanut butter to my red lentils. I'm Trinbagonian, with ancestry in East India, Portugal, and of course Africa. Many, many Trinidadian dishes are African, with a twist! Or, Indian. So it all depends on my taste for the day, and how I will season my food.

  5. @user-ul2pi8jz1w
    @user-ul2pi8jz1w says:

    Im super excited to try this! Thank you for all you do for the lost vegan folx such as myself lol I hope you expand on some more jamacian dishes, and maybe can you make a video on how to make rottii, and a veggie patty? 🙂

  6. @smeddles45
    @smeddles45 says:

    hands down the best chickpea recipe I've come across in a while. OHHHH MYY GOODNESS.. I followed the measurements to the tee, most timess when I find a recipe online they are not to my taste, but I wanted to do it how you demostrated. and I was really blown away that I didn't need to add anything spice wise that is. I did add cauliflower as didn't have enough chickpeas on hand. I just started looking into vegan eating and I will be adding this curry to my regular meal plan menu. The sweet potato and lental curry is next.. Thank you sooo much!


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