The Hickery Bros in the Linville Gorgeous 2022

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Shug Swag…. Little Table…… The Maple …

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  1. R L Shorty
    R L Shorty says:

    Great to see y'all out and about again! Beautiful views up there.
    Very nice memorial for your sister in-law. My condolences. Thanks for sharing it.🤝
    Your "chores" are paying off. House looks great. Take care.

  2. S C Yz
    S C Yz says:

    While on the long side this video had so much to give. At 32:00 (and other spots) I thought about launching my hang glider off that/those cliff(s). Sadly there didn't seem to be any place in the valley to land. As to the Hickory Bros, . . . how is it that they are associated with the hickory tree BUT the Maple King fits with maple trees , yet wears a birch bark hat? Is that supposed to be tree-mendous? Then you show how to make those tasty ribs. Yum yum! Finally, there is the tribute to your wife's sister. How wonderful. I'm single and have never had any in laws (or even out laws LOL) so, at this point I don't think I'll have much of a gathering when I'm gone. But Mister Sean Emery you will have thousands of people at least thinking about you, once your time comes. And justly so! : – ) "The love you get, is equal to the love you give!"

  3. STinGa157
    STinGa157 says:

    It was great to see the Hickory Brothers back together! Thoughts and prayers for you, your wife and your family … which seems to be loaded with talent. Thanks for sharing your fun and serious times.

  4. Yo Bentley
    Yo Bentley says:

    Ever use KT tape on your knee? I have the same issue hiking downhill in my right knee. I'll be 60 next month. The KT tape works. I don't feel a thing. I used it at Fall Creek Falls in March and worked perfect. I hae used it hiking Mt Erma in China too.

  5. firelight
    firelight says:

    Finally sat down to watch this latest video. I'm grateful to see the Hickory Brothers back together! I've really missed seeing you guys together. I'm very sorry to hear of your lose, and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  6. NEO View
    NEO View says:

    Good job Shug! I usually do pop farts going up the hill. Happy Father's day! I half to take garbage out tonight….Father's day ain't happening for this old man. So share the moments!

  7. livinglike_ lisa
    livinglike_ lisa says:

    That memorial service was absolutely beautiful. I don’t even know Mary and I was crying. You have such a beautiful talented family. Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your videos but this one was special. My 💐 condolences.


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