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  1. Glen Cairns
    Glen Cairns says:

    Good one. Two tips… the parchment paper – roll it out on the counter, place the pizza pan on top, trace the shape with a pencil and then cut it out… then, you can take some of the water content out of the cauliflower by just sauteeing it on medium heat in a non stick fying pan, just let it sweat and reduce its moisture content. But this is waaaaaayyyy better than fathead dough.

  2. Anne Luck
    Anne Luck says:

    For all the followers that are disputing this pizza, Dr Burg specializes in Keto and weight loss. Watch a few of his videos before you start bashing him. His videos are to the point and excellent just like his pizza recipe!

  3. henry huynh
    henry huynh says:

    Dr berg all is left that’s not healthy is the bad oils from the cheese 🧀. If you can use or make cheese with olive 🫒 instead that would be the healthiest pizza in the universe

  4. Alchemi-Azazel Goddess
    Alchemi-Azazel Goddess says:

    The preservatives on the sauces is what kills my GERD so I have to do Dr Aviv Acid Watchers diet. I would love to try your pizza Dr. Berg but I’m afraid of the sauces, pepperoni would also kill me. I may substitute with using a Mexican squash and blend it…acid watchers diet is so tedious ☺️

  5. Secretariat Girl
    Secretariat Girl says:

    This is not very healthy at all…far too much fat…just use cassava flour, riced cauliflower, and some cooked grain like oatmeal or spelt, mix into a "dry batter"..season if you wish with garlic powder and rosemary. Spread on an oiled pan (1 spray of avocado oil will be fine, move it around to cover all of pan with your fingers)….Bake at 400 for about 18 minutes…make sure it isn't sticking…add toppings and give it maybe 7-8 minutes. I used no salt diced tomatoes, mushrooms, sometimes partially cooked zucchini, on top…or artichoke hearts, peppers, grape tomatoes (sliced), etc. …almost anything! I top with some vegan parm like Go Veggie, 1 tsp…and bake the rest of the time at 400. You do not have to do tons of oil or salt! I'm Italian and used to slow rise my dough all day….but this is excellent and far healthier! Look at the studies on how oil, even olive oil, messes with your arteries!

  6. Toni Maffeo
    Toni Maffeo says:

    Help help help pizza came out amazing except for one very important pizza got stuck on the parchment boohoo why did this happen I followed perfectly

    Okokok is there a difference between wax paper and parchment????? If so that’s what I did wrong I used wax paper ugh

  7. Roger Hayes
    Roger Hayes says:

    Thank you Dr Berg. My wife and I just tried this recipe and it’s absolutely delicious. We didn’t think that we would ever have a slice of pizza ever again. This cauliflower pizza crust gives us that treat again. So grateful that you shared this recipe.

  8. Avery Milieu
    Avery Milieu says:

    Tried this, TWO EGGS makes the crust more like a flat quiche. Try one egg instead. Bake the crust UNTIL IT STOPS STEAMING.
    Can't do nightshades so I made a "pesto" from parsley and oregano with lots of garlic.
    Loaded it with cheese, Pigged out. Really pigged out because I haven't had anything like a pizza for 20 years!

  9. tdalej
    tdalej says:

    I have been searching my entire life for The Healthiest Pizza In The World, and I finally discover this video ON THIS CHANNEL! Amazing. All the other YouTube channels were just fakes about them having discovered the healthiest pizza IN THE WORLD! So disappointing that the healthiest pizza in the world must contain cauliflower. Now I am beginning my quest for The Healthiest Donut In The World. I bet it contains broccoli or spinach as the main ingredient.


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