The Galanz 8-In-1 MultiCooker Is A Killer Appliance


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This Galanz 8-in-1 multi-cooker us 8 appliances in 1 unit (air fried Strombolli) “You can find the Galanz 8-in-1 Multi-cooker here …
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  1. Maya's Kitchen USA🇺🇲
    Maya's Kitchen USA🇺🇲 says:

    you are my inspiration creator.. i love everything on this video the cooking, food, editing sound and your presentations so excellent and pro i send LOVE from USA wish to see u around mine.. lets share and stay connected 😍😍 LIKEEE

  2. John Dutkowski
    John Dutkowski says:

    The dough is raw… which is the hardest thing to do when making these… need to have right ratios and filling make sure it actually cools…. this is an infomercial… his videos were good and now he is selling his soul

  3. Quickhanf
    Quickhanf says:

    I respect the need for sponsors, but since I assume most of your followers, like me, don’t have an air heater, could you share how this would be baked in an oven? Because it looks artery-cloggingly delicious!!


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