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Here are the highlights of this low carb keto crockpot bbq chicken recipe – quick, tasty and makes a lot of food! This Keto slow cooker bbq chicken recipe has …
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  1. Jennifer Gosling
    Jennifer Gosling says:

    It would work well in a low oven also, 170 c for chicken 2- 3 hrs would do the job fine – I am not keen on meat sitting out in semi warm environments for too long, if your not home in time and the crock pot finishes cooking – that's how you get food poisoning. Cooked the day before or batch cook and refrigerate, the flavours would infuse even more

  2. Rina Renee
    Rina Renee says:

    Hell to the yes! I made this and put it into a mission low carb flour tortilla and topped it with Keto cole slaw. It was so good! Thank you!!! PS: trust him about the cocoa powder! Lol

  3. Sally Smith
    Sally Smith says:

    WOW. wow, wow. I made this today and it is unbelievably good! Made exactly as the recipe said. I put in probably a half a cup of granulated sweetener and at the end I did add probably a teaspoon of salt. When I tasted it, before serving for dinner, I could hardly stop eating it. My husband does not do low carb, so I served his on a bun, but I put mine on finely grated cabbage and it was super delicious. I urge you to try it, and thanks to The Keto King for this recipe!

  4. john smith
    john smith says:

    I’m excited for a crock pot meal! Thanks. Please answer this question, I have been searching for a maple extract that does not have sugar/carbs 🤔 I Had just been searching Amazon and there is a maple extract by Olive nation. But when I search the comments when of the answers to a question was was 30 carbs per 100g? So I would really appreciate it if anyone knows or you know a good maple extract thanks

  5. AZ Patriot
    AZ Patriot says:

    That looks really good.
    Tip for shredding the chicken. If you have an electric mixer, just use the standard 4 tine beaters and shred the chicken perfectly right there in the pot.

  6. sarah
    sarah says:

    Wow it looks delicious 👑 got to invest in one of those…but you are adding some…crazy ingredients in syrup…chocolate powder with Chicken 🍗🍫


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