The Drew Barrymore BEAUTIFUL 9 quart TRIZONE Air Fryer Review

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I tested out the BEAUTIFUL 9 qt Trizone air fryer by Drew Barrymore and it’s not very good. I mean it’s not terrible, but it doesn’t get …

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  1. Mera Sampson
    Mera Sampson says:

    Would you recommend the cruxgg over this one? I am debating between the two because I think i'd like having just one basket for the space (to cook a lot of the same item).

    I have a old powerxl that i love but it's starting to fall apart (also I dropped the basket super hard last night so it won't close/work lol)

  2. Patrick McConnell
    Patrick McConnell says:

    I truly enjoy your channel and it’s a pleasure watching you as you’re such a kind, lovely woman! I just feel badly that you received a defective “Beautiful Air Fryer”! Mine is identical to yours except in Cornflower Blue and with a leave in oven thermometer and also tested many times with a leave in probe thermometer like yours, my Beautiful brand Air Fryer stays within 5° of the set temperature. If I set it to 350° it registers that or within 5° to 6° during cooking. I think if you’d had one like mine, you’d probably give it a B+ or at least an A- rating. Either way you’re SO kind and I appreciate and respect your honesty! Thank you for all you do! I Love your channel and watch every single video and you always make me Smile and happy and give me a boost or confidence to cook more! You’re a Beautiful Sweet person Mrs. Demetra Overton! Take care and sending wishes you and your loved ones stay safe and well! Thank you again for all you do! 💕


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