The Cheapest Budget Friendly Meals | How to Save Money on Food in 2023

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  1. Deb Gordon
    Deb Gordon says:

    I've tried a lot of your recipes. Haven't been disappointed. Thx for all you do.
    Edit: I always watch all of the ads on your channel. Just my little way of showing appreciation <3

  2. karina sulger
    karina sulger says:

    yum !!! love black beans , and these recipes looked amazing!!! was lil disappointed when i seen it was all about black beans , i thought oh good hope she does a black bean soup!!! one of my favorites , but no soup!! hope u will give that a thought in the future !! def gonna try these recipes Maria!!! ty for sharing with us

  3. Nancy Carney
    Nancy Carney says:

    I always buy large bags of onions of all kinds, sleeves of garlic heads and bunches of cilantro. They are the best on hand items for soooo many recipes. The black bean taco creme' I have made before. I have learned to leave out the water and add 1 Tbsp mayo. So delicious! Love all the recipes. I have printed them out. Thank you for all your hard work. Been watching your videos for about a year.

  4. Marylene Ruiz
    Marylene Ruiz says:

    I always love watching your content. Everything looked delicious. I definitely want to try the black bean burgers soon. I love the Trader Joe's ones,. It would be nice to make my own. Thanks for the download. ❤😊

  5. Willette B
    Willette B says:

    Wow, what great looking meals! I enjoy these budget meals and get so many fresh ideas from your channel. There would be nothing wrong with eating like this all the time. Thank you Maria. And the Tony's is pronounced "Sash-er-ree's" We love the seasoning. It goes nice with beer butt chicken cooked on the grill. ❤

  6. T G
    T G says:

    I'm going to check my pantry and see if I have any black beans and salsa, I definitely want to try those crispy black bean tacos, I'll be adding the ingredients to my grocery list. Thanks for always sharing such great ideas with us.

  7. SJ R
    SJ R says:

    I just watched a lady's video and her statement struck me. "Many people are not living they are in survival mode".
    Pity those on a fixed income who no longer have the ability to increase their income.
    How to survive the lean years, are the go to, such as this channel!

  8. Stace L
    Stace L says:

    Uncle Tony’s! I practically use that as my table salt. ( a frugal fit mom reference or does everyone call it that? 😀)
    Thanks for another great video!

  9. AmandaJ BOAH
    AmandaJ BOAH says:

    I am really really loving your videos! Thanks for putting them out there and taking the time to make them😊. I actually love the music you have on them to be honest! I can wait to try the blackbean tortillas. You are doing great feeding the littles real food too, that is awesome. ❤

  10. Texas Jan
    Texas Jan says:

    I like your chicken and squash and I like that your kids eat squash none of my grandkids will even try it although my kids always did. Something I do is smoke my own paprika. In our store smoked paprika cost 4 times as much as regular paprika. Everytime my husband fires up the smoker I put a jar of paprika into a small pot and set it on the coolest end of the smoker. I turns out great and super economical.


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