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Traditional Italian Stuffed Artichokes This is our family’s stuffed artichoke recipe that uses fresh and simple ingredients, always packed with flavor. I hope you …
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  1. Mary Marth
    Mary Marth says:

    These look so good. Never used lemon but I love lemon on many things. I use a whole tomato I hand crushed myself on top of each choke along with salt, pepper and evoo. Yummy.

  2. Tara Marinara
    Tara Marinara says:

    Im 7 months pregnant and these were my 1 real craving. Came outta nowhere! Im not Italian and didn't eat them regularly growing up so its kinda random! . I LOVE this recipe. I core mine as well bc I need those extra buttery breadcrumbs! 😍

  3. xSeaAngelx
    xSeaAngelx says:

    Merry Christmas! I'm trying your cooking method today! I've been making these for 20+ years & I have trouble consistenly getting the leaves soft enough. Sometimes they're soft & sometimes they're too firm. I've never baked them though so that might be the hack. Hopefully your video changes my outcome. 🙂 If so, you have a new fan from Long Is.,NY. 🎄

  4. 2075vj
    2075vj says:

    When you said the olive oil was from NY, I got flashbacks to 38 years of living there. I lived last in Yorktown heights NY. Oh, how. I miss NY. I hope to visit soon. I’m just 3 hours away. Thanks for the recipe.

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    CLYDE FROG says:

    I'm one of those italians that never payed attention to the cooking process around the holidays, so I feel kinda like a fraud. I'm 30 years old and trying to teach myself these things now… Thank you for the help. 🙂

    ps. Please don't tell my grandmother!

  7. Josie Cotrona
    Josie Cotrona says:

    I put exactly the same ingredients I just cook them differently, I mix everything in the breadcrumbs put them on all the leaves and the middle and I put plenty(love the stuffing) then I put them in a deep dish with chicken stock wine & sometimes peeled tomatoes cover with foil cook for approx 40 to 50 min(yum)yours look delicious, I have just become a subscriber…. much love from Australia 😋😋❤️❤️

  8. John Reno Veillon
    John Reno Veillon says:

    My stepfather's recipe (from his mother in Sicily) was similar to yours. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful dish. I will be making it tomorrow evening for my wife, who by the way, has never had this wonderful dish. I'm a new subscriber.

  9. Dr. Remulack
    Dr. Remulack says:

    My mother in law just made this. Frigging terrible. My mother makes them so well. My mother in law doesn’t open them, drowns them in oil and smears a spoonful of soggy breadcrumbs on top. Why bother?

    ROGUEROUGE says:

    my mom made this, very similar. i have one suggestion for your channel, turn down the background music and/or just use it for intro and outro, it is very distracting and makes it difficult to hear you. Buth the recipe is fab!

  11. Loullabelle
    Loullabelle says:

    Hi Celene, wow those artichokes! I’m sad to say I’ve never eaten one before (I know!) I’m definitely going to have a go at this recipe they looked absolutely delicious! I always like to make my own breadcrumbs for other recipes as think they taste better homemade like everything does. Love garlic! Thank you for showing us how to eat the heart, really enjoyed watching as always sweet friend! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend 🌸🧡🌸

  12. caroline strohm
    caroline strohm says:

    I loved this video. Very similar to way I learned from my Mom but I cook all the way on the stove top I am definitely going to try it in the oven next time for Easter! A lot of people are intimidated by artichokes but you really broke it down so nice step-by-step great video!

  13. Tennessee Kim
    Tennessee Kim says:

    Holy Canoli those artichokes look sooooo good!!! I have only ever had artichokes boiled which is rather boring.I love to cook but I find it hard to film. You make it look easy and you have a beautiful voice, too. That bread crumb stuffing with the parsley , parm, garlic, oilve oil looks delicious!!I don't know if I've ever had a really good olive oil… How do you know which to buy? Barry is a lucky guy! Y'all are so cute!Thanks for showing us how to eat the heart, too. I'm so glad you came over to my channel from Loullabelle so that I can find you too! You have an amazing channel. 💕

  14. Maria Genovese
    Maria Genovese says:

    Another amazing recipe. Looks delicious! Thankyou for this video. I love artichokes but never had them whole like this. Something I will have to try. I made your Tuscan chicken with chicken thighs a few Sundays ago. I really liked it and it came out good except for I think my sauce was a little bit too oniony. I don't know why, or what I did , but I will try it again. My son that lives home though loved it. And I told him about you! Thankyou and have a blessed weekend.


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