THE BEST-EVER BOLOGNESE | slowly simmered ragu alla bolognese with bucatini

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I first experienced pasta bolognese when I worked at a fine dining Italian restaurant after college. Our slowly simmered bolognese …

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  1. Luca Gabrielli
    Luca Gabrielli says:

    There is never a "best-ever" anything in cooking. I never understood why americani people think they know better. Even in Italia, we never think there is a best ever bolognese.
    secondly, the correct bolognese is made with beef (chuck or else, flank steak), pork and veal. Veal is an crucial ingredient as important as pancetta.

    congrats on using a Staub Dutch oven! I'm impressed this Alsatian brand has made across the Atlantic! it has the best lid with spikes that send condensation dripping back down into the center of the pot. it does make a real difference. Don't forget to add ice water on top of the lid to improve that process. it's the reason why the lid has this shape..


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