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Sticky, sweet, full of flavour and spice this amazing barbecue sauce recipe will rock your world! Jamie got some help making it today when little Buddy Oliver …
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  1. Esben Rasmussen
    Esben Rasmussen says:

    Kids have a built in aversion to bitter flavors. If they did not have this feature (Yes it is a feature – not a bug) we humans would not exist. We would be extinct. Most of what will kill you when you eat it is bitter. That is why.
    All the children throughout the ages who did not mind bitter flavors ate stuff they weren't supposed to, and they died, before they could copy their genes. Isn't evolution great. So appreciate when your kid says they don't like stuff, and remind yourself that it is a good thing, that cost a lot of human lives. So be thankful !

  2. latex glove
    latex glove says:

    I tried the sauce. Really good, quick, simple recipe but I had to use half of that amount sugar. Way too sugary on my first try, despite using unsweetened apple juice.

  3. Unicorn girl 2002
    Unicorn girl 2002 says:

    Hi Jamie and everybody else in the world 🌎 of Jamie oliver too awesome 👏 video as always English mustard juice of oranges 🍊 apple 🍎 juice season it with salt barbecue sauce chicken 🍗 fennel seeds smoked paprika sea 🌊 salt pepper golden caster sugar


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