The Absolute Best Cuts Of Meat For Your Slow Cooker

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If you’re hungry for something that has “butt” in its name, then you have the sense of humor of a five-year-old, but the culinary taste …

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  1. JPFalcononor
    JPFalcononor says:

    Your assessment of chicken thighs is totally wrong. They are the best part of the bird as they retain their moisture and tenderness no matter if you fry, grill, or baked at 350 for an hour. Slow cooking thighs is not, by a long shot, the only option. The connective tissue is not an issue at all.

  2. michael shearer
    michael shearer says:

    As a butcher , this list is completely inaccurate. Chuck is very good , a Rump roast is used for slicing ( roast beef sandwiches) . folks , don't slow cook a rump roast , 12 hrs low lots of liquid and time, an Arm or Blade , or chuck , Is best for a pulled beef (shredded) in low and slow at 5 -6 hrs or less. You will yield no shreddable beef from a rump in less than 12 Hours from a slow cooker , from a rump roast.

  3. Persnikitty
    Persnikitty says:

    Love my slow cooker. Set things up before work (does mean getting up a bit earlier with some prep work done the previous evening), then come home after a 10 hour shift to goodness with leftovers for next day's lunch and freezable portions for the next couple of months. Worth it to get a cooker with a timer and warm mode.

    Also, it really annoys me when TV chefs might wear the apron, but never bother with hairnets. I use those in my own home kitchen, as I don't want 'floss' in my cheeses.

    GOKUDRAGON says:

    😋😋😋Dͩeͤliͥcͨiͥoͦs͛oͦ рⷬaͣrͬaͣ oͦ nuͧ́cͨleͤoͦ. ᴛⷮhͪeͤs͛eͤ woͦuͧldͩ вⷡeͤcͨoͦmͫeͤ quͧiͥᴛⷮeͤ wiͥdͩeͤly rͬeͤnoͦwneͤdͩ iͥf yoͦuͧrͬ dͩiͥs͛hͪ waͣs͛ cͨeͤnᴛⷮeͤrͬeͤdͩ oͦn khal.



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