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Homemade pork souvlaki and homemade pita bread makeup for my inability to pronounce gyro. Skewers: …

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  1. Alexander Tzanis
    Alexander Tzanis says:

    As a Greek I surely give you a 9/10! I subtracted this 1 point only because you NEVER EVER cut your pita in half no matter what… You are only allowed to grab a couple of potatoes that are on top before start biting the gyros…

  2. Gavers23
    Gavers23 says:

    *most store bought pita IN THE UNITED STATES is trash


    (possibly anywhere outside the Middle East, but that's whee I am, and supermarket pita here is often better than anything I've had in the US.)

  3. Στέφανος Νεστορίδης
    Στέφανος Νεστορίδης says:

    in tzatziki, you also squeeze half or a whole lemon (depending on the quantity u wanna make) and you also don't need to throw away the cucumber water, instead, u can add some more yogurt and keep the water.
    PS: 10$ for a gyro should be punishable by law as a criminal offense

  4. Pro Skater
    Pro Skater says:

    You did so great. Everything is like we do it in Greece and then…. you had to had to cut the whole soulvaki in half… like it is some taco thing or whatever you eat there. JK but do not do it again 🤣🤣 Either way, Amazing bro!

  5. Alex Gilpin
    Alex Gilpin says:

    2:41 >$7.41 for 3lbs of Boneless Pork Boston Butt

    Excuse me? Where is he getting the meat for $2.41/lb???
    Even freaking Walmart won't go lower than $3.00/lb! This $2 Gyro is a lie from the start!

  6. Gary Oak
    Gary Oak says:

    If you put french fries in anything like a gyro/pita/taco/quesadilla/burrito you're 101% a serial killer and should never enter a kitchen ever again.

  7. Mad5cout
    Mad5cout says:

    Just made this today and it killed. I have to say, though, it is labor intensive, and completing all the steps between the chopping and prep can easily take 3 hours.

  8. justamags
    justamags says:

    Just made these today, pita and all, and WOW. Well worth it! I did make some changes to the tzatziki by adding fresh dill instead of parsley, and added juice of a lemon! 😀

  9. BJonH
    BJonH says:

    Hey Joshua.. Really enjoy the channel. I was wondering if you could do a video on Backpacking recipes? I though that would be a cool spin on the show! Thanks


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