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Making a juicy and flavorful Thanksgiving Turkey is easier than you think! A Video for how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe that your guests will love this …
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  1. Judith Kurian
    Judith Kurian says:

    Going to try this today 🥰🥳 Can’t wait to see how it turns out 😃

    My daughter is like I know where you got the recipe from .. I am like well you know it … going to try your cupcake cheese recipe and cinnamon rolls as well

  2. Irina Ar
    Irina Ar says:

    I used the recipe for this year's Thanksgiving. The turkey came out so juicy. It was absolutely delicious 😋. My family enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  3. N H
    N H says:

    Natashas, I just have to tell you that this is such a wonderful recipe!! Everyone in my family loves this turkey. Only thing I did different is injecting the turkey instead of rubbing salt/pepper on the inside of the bird. The butter 🧈 underneath the skin is truly an amazing trick. I can still dream of how juicy & flavorful our turkey was this evening. Thanks again and wish you & your family a happy Holiday season

  4. Becky Crockett
    Becky Crockett says:

    Used this recipe for my turkey today !!! Total Turkey Perfection!!!! So moist and juicy …. thank you !!!! I look forward to your videos every week … you are awesome!!!! Wishing you many blessings – Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  5. Bogie6588
    Bogie6588 says:

    This recipe is amazing! We like it even more than deep-fried turkey! Don't leave out any steps, especially the tin foil trick! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Lorena Marquez
    Lorena Marquez says:

    Delicious turkey recipe. My Family loved it. Preparing it the same way again this year. Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank You So Much Natasha. 💙

  7. lizette chavez
    lizette chavez says:

    I just did my very first Turkey ever today. I was extremely nervous and afraid. My family loved it so much! The turkey was super juicy and flavorful! Thank you so much Natasha❤

  8. Alfred Smalls
    Alfred Smalls says:

    I was looking for recipes to make turkey and I thought to my self "What would Natasha Do?" thank you so much as always your personality makes the food even better!!!!


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