Thanksgiving Recipes – WFPB & Oil Free! (Stuffing, Green Bean Cass, McDougall Gravy, Corn Butter)


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Thanksgiving Recipes – WFPB & Oil Free! Starch Solution/Maximum Weight Loss Friendly! (Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, McDougall Golden Gravy, Corn …
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  1. Lokilicious
    Lokilicious says:

    I live for these bloopers!! LOL
    I tried the corn butter for the first time, but made from cornmeal. Agreed, nothing like butter, but not bad. Planning to make turkey soy curls, mushroom gravy, stuffing, the Krocks in the Kitchen squash casserole, a sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, a pear cranberry crumble, fresh bread rolls, and maybe an appetizer or two like guac and hummus idk. TBD if anyone appreciates my cooking lol. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm very thankful for you and all the work you put into your marvelous videos! THANK YOU!


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