Thanksgiving Grocery Haul | Pernil, Mac and Cheese, Stuffing | Chef Zee Cooks


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Today we’re doing a grocery haul where I show you everything that I bought for my Thanksgiving dinner! I went shopping at Key Food and Stop & Shop and …
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  1. R.H
    R.H says:

    Also…. I am soooo THANKFUL for you Chef Zee , for all your details videos! Yummy recipe and your warm ❤… literally my whole Thanksgiving cooking is all your recipes❤

  2. Crowned Diva
    Crowned Diva says:

    I also only purchase the unseasoned Pepperidge farm stuffing mix. I notice it’s hard to find in Brooklyn grocery stores. They always have a huge variety of the seasoned stuffing mixes. Because of this, I end up making mine from scratch using bread.

  3. Marlenne A
    Marlenne A says:

    Quick question if the pork shoulder weighs more then 7 lbs does it require more of the ingredients portions you mentioned or same amounts and if it requires more how much more should I go by?

  4. Liz V.
    Liz V. says:

    Great grocery haul, Chef Zee!! Everything you're making sounds delish esp that Mac n cheese with 4 cheeses & the cranberry sauce w/guava in it!! Omg!!😍😋😋😋

  5. LeOhio817
    LeOhio817 says:

    I needed sweet potatoes for a casserole and celery for my dressing today. Almost missed out because the shelves are almost bare. Fortunately, I already had 95% of what I wanted for my menu. There was a serious crush in the grocery store. I got out quick, fast and in a hurry.

  6. Gigi Rasmus
    Gigi Rasmus says:

    I love your channel because you don't just tell me what ingredients to get but you also educate me on why certain things are important. Who would have thought that ridges on elbow pasta for mac and cheese held the dish together better? It makes sense but I never thought of that. Thank you for taking time from your family and new hubby to help make my Thanksgiving and Noche Buena (I'm Cuban) better for my family.

  7. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    I bought all the meat last week and my veggies today, i'm also going to season all my meats now with sofrito 😉. All I want to eat this Thanksgiving is sancocho and dulce frio so that's what I'm cooking for me and my hubby. No dry turkey for me!! 🙌


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