Thanksgiving For Single People

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Thanksgiving is well known for big gatherings, but not everybody has that opportunity. So here’s a meal you can make for 1-2 …

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  1. Kimberly C
    Kimberly C says:

    This is an incredibly insightful video to post! The common portrayal of Thanksgiving in media and in the public is that of the big family get-together, but I think there are more small families and single people out there than not. Great job!

    Don’t get discouraged! It’s incredibly hard work to get a channel off the ground, and you are grinding! Effort, research and talent pay off! Happy holidays.

  2. Bob Y
    Bob Y says:

    Matt, I am really so thankful for you! I look forward to every post that you put forth and I’m really proud of you when you do things like this Thanksgiving meal for those who don’t have anybody to celebrate with. Never stop being you, my friend… I really love knowing you.👍


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