Testing Viral Kitchen Hacks | Ep 31

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Mrs Barry and I are back attempting another batch of viral food hacks to make life more simple in the kitchen, including a retry of a …

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  1. Barry Lewis
    Barry Lewis says:

    If anyone has any other suggestions for the can opening with a piece of paper please let us know! Perhaps we could try card? We are determined to make it work…. also our house smelt of burnt coconut hair for days after this so don't try it unless you really have to and can open many windows! You can check all the other kitchen hack attempts to date on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdKv_PUEL90&list=PLfItiEY3o1mtJvIdfPhp-sZXfBqF9q24V please keep the hack ideas you've found coming, some of them are genuinely amazing!

  2. soshiangel90
    soshiangel90 says:

    ……i wasn't even surprised by the on fire coconut…you know I've been around too long. Lol
    Also…for as long as I've been around….stonker really still sounds enough like stinker to me that I continue to think it's a bad thing. Lol

  3. gibbonduder182
    gibbonduder182 says:

    A safer way to do the coconut half. Just place it into water and bring that to the boil. The heat should loosen the flesh, which is what burning the shell is doing anyway, without the fire, the smoke, or the danger. I bet a minute (or 2) in boiling water then dunked into ice water after would get it out right away.

  4. Shelley Dawson
    Shelley Dawson says:

    Seriously? Apart from the plain TikTok lies the potato peeling one didn’t work as you were still holding it (and the carrot). The cheese; a hack? Basic common sense basically. But cutting the cheese to size is better. But the really good thing is you’re real and no fakery!

  5. Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams says:

    Is the paper to a can hack being used to cause heat and expand the gas inside? that's similar to how sometimes a blowtorch is used to heat the air in a wine bottle so as not to contaminate the wine by having a corkscrew put cork into the wine, the pressure as a result of the heat pushes the cork out, perhaps the same applies here in the coke can, therefore maybe a gas lighter applied to the top of the can in a localised area might open it the same way (cans are plastic coated inside so there is some potential for the drink to be tainted this way but may prove an interesting party trick)

  6. livingoutloudly
    livingoutloudly says:

    For the coke can, physics dojo on YouTube does a good video on the phenomenon, using a marker. It's basically about pushing down really hard so it flexes the metal, not so much about rubbing it back and forth. In theory if you can make the paper stiff enough and push down enough, it should work. Take a look at his video


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