Tasty Tuesday with Jeff & Louise ~ January 17, 2023

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Join Louise & Jeff for another episode of Tasty Tuesday where Jeff gives Louise surprise ingredients and she cooks dinner LIVE.

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  1. Sue Picciano
    Sue Picciano says:

    Have fun on vacation! I’ve been to Moab…a while ago..🤭🤭mountain biking in Moab! It was Ah-MA-ZING! Riding ‘Slick Rock’ and then up these mountains…I was there for a ‘mountain bike camp that was a week long! 😬😱 Looking back, hard to believe it was a beginner camp! I’ve been to Colorado Springs too, if you’re going there. The top of Pikes Peak is breath taking. So are are all the mining towns along the roads. It’s a beautiful place to visit but stay ultra hydrated. I went there on my honeymoon and got strep.😱🤷🏻‍♀️ I realize as a nurse it was like caught at my wedding but getting dehydrated by the dryness in CO coming from NJ at the time didn’t help! 🤣🤣🤣 Have a wonderful time and loved watching back your ‘TT’. They’re always a riot! 🥳

  2. Jeanne G
    Jeanne G says:

    Do you think that using a wonton wrapper instead of using the rice paper wrapping would have made it a little better to use in the air fryer? As soon as you started talking about wrapping it, I was thinking of wonton wrappers or philo dough (although, philo dough might have gotten a little too far away from your Asian inspired theme – but still not completely). I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this!

  3. Sarah Benedict
    Sarah Benedict says:

    For future reference, YouTube has a tool you can use to “poll” the live chat. I’ve seen many live streams utilize it (for various reasons). You could leave it up for, say, one minute, give or take, while people vote on the type of meat. End it when you feel enough votes have come in, and then start a new poll for the veggie, and so on for each component of the meal. Just a suggestion. 🤷🏻‍♀️😊

  4. Lois Erwin
    Lois Erwin says:

    Louise, you are so creative with food it is amazing. You could take s shoe sole and make it tender and tasty♥️♥️ you and Jeff♥️♥️ Spring rolls are soft and I think you mean egg rolls…they are crunchy.


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