TARGET EARLY BLACK FRIDAY DEALS | christmas shopping + christmas gift Ideas | target deal days 2021


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WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! Todays video is a TARGET DEAL DAYS black friday sale shop with me! TARGET has THE BEST EARLY BLACK FRIDAY …
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  1. Wendolina 78
    Wendolina 78 says:

    I heard a lot of stores are going to be closing down again and that the shortage is real . I work at a grocery store and we are just not getting items in that we use to and people are mad at us but we cannot help it.

  2. Jennifer Hartman
    Jennifer Hartman says:

    I was at Target tonight, I always spend way too much. Target deal days before Christmas. Its monday..I am tierd too. Rain in iowa all day! Willing to learn. Right know..thank u! When is it over? How do u download the target circle app. 20 percent off till Tuesday. I am new dear.

  3. Watermelon Gal
    Watermelon Gal says:

    I'm wondering if it's because of slow shipment that Target is not displaying their Target Deal Days. And I've heard there's low quantity of things so it's best to buy your Christmas gifts or any gifts you'll need for the holidays now because there will be none by the time you want something. Luckily I shop year round for great bargains so I not too worried. I will definitely look to see if there's anything I want from Target though. Thanks Katie!

  4. Maureen B
    Maureen B says:

    Thanks for the vlog love looking at all the new stuff but I have those Chelsea boots and love them I feel like they are cute even if it’s not raining but such a fun vlog thanks Katie 🥰

  5. Ivy C
    Ivy C says:

    Hi Katie! Girl your Target game is in full effect! You know what's up and sounding the sales alarm off if Target is not advertising it. They seriously should sponsor you. I think the XL air fryer deal is amazing for the 7 quart. Our little air fryer is so small it's really annoying cooking in shifts. Thanks for keeping us informed on the deals as always. Much love from Fort Worth! 😊🍁🌻

  6. Mari Lou
    Mari Lou says:

    There could be numerous reasons why they're not advertising.. the stores are still not up to what they were before covid.. supply and demand is almost obsolete now.. .. who knows what Target is doing or why they're doing it ..or any other store..nothing is normal anymore..


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