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  1. K Stewart
    K Stewart says:

    That sounds good. I just got an instant pot a month or so ago, and I love it! It's a wonderful invention, one of those I'd had this years ago things, for sure. ♥️

  2. Helen Lane
    Helen Lane says:

    OMG that "bowl of death" cracks me up everytime! Please hon your water woes are killing me here…they never heard GIT ER DONE! I would have moved to my tent by the creek by now…

  3. Lyn Hanna
    Lyn Hanna says:

    I absolutely love my Instant Pot. I would forget to take meat out of the freezer and would end up eating toast and cheese. Now I can cook real meals from frozen to plate in under an hour. I use it at least four times a week and look forward to trying your recipe out.

  4. J Jo
    J Jo says:

    Mandy, is a pressure 'cooker' much different from that Instant Pot? I had two fails with my pressure cooker and haven't touched it since, which means about 8 years. You gals make it seem so friendly! : /

  5. Katie Grazier
    Katie Grazier says:

    That looked delish, my family would love that…how about using canned ground beef and crisping it up a bit, might save some time there too (like it took a lot in the first place, lol). Thanks!!

  6. Jen Goods
    Jen Goods says:

    This looks awsome, I’m interested to hear of canning beans in half pints….is it 1/4 cup beans canned at pint times 75 mins , your just awsome 😀👍

  7. Nancy Velazquez
    Nancy Velazquez says:

    Yummy! I'm super excited I got a instant pot for Xmas and I've been scared to use because I'm. Terrified of Pressure Cookers!!! But you gave me hope I heard you can mKe a pot Roast in an hour and a whole Chicken in an hour 😋😋😋😋You meal looked delicious I will tryy inst pot this weekend🍕🏠🎉


    Sadly, I got interrupted while watching, so I will have to watch again. However I do feel your pain on video clean up, I always end up with 3 times the number of dishes than if I was just making it for me.

  9. Paula
    Paula says:

    I'm wondering if I could make this into a freezer meal?? I'm doing some meal planning and preparing for my sister and am looking for more ideas! What do you think Mandy… could it work??

  10. Smiley Tow
    Smiley Tow says:

    My kind of meal!! Thank you! ( we both like sour cream so we would top it with sour cream to!) Thank you very much for the tips after you tasted it also!

  11. Terri Job
    Terri Job says:

    Hi Mandy. Something screwball with my computer. Part of the recipe has an overlay covering the first few ingredients of each screen. I was able to get the amounts of everything except the macaroni from the video. How many ounces did you use? My kids will love this.

  12. Shesacamper 1
    Shesacamper 1 says:

    That looks delicious Mandy. It's definitely a recipe that I'll be adding to my meal plan. Thanks!! You are such a natural in front of the camera. I feel like we're all friends in your kitchen just hanging out. 🙂


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