Surprising Moms with Gifts 🎁

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In today’s new video we’re surprising moms with gifts! My friend, dreamed up a beautiful Mother’s Day event …

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  1. Becky Overstreet
    Becky Overstreet says:

    What a special time for these Mom’s and the kids! I love Miniseries and outreaches that blesses others that are going through some difficult situations in their lives! I know that these Mom’s and kids had a wonderful time ! Y’all did a fabulous job picking out all those goodies! What a Blessing , Thank You for sharing it with us . I hope others will see this and want to give to a ministry in their community that helps others like this! Blessings!💕

  2. TheWaterMinx
    TheWaterMinx says:

    What a lovely thing to do for ladies who need some extra love and support! I'm sure the kids had so much fun, choosing their Mama's gifts.
    I got the best Mother's Day gift, ever, this year. My second daughter was born on Mother's Day morning! So, I'm nursing and watching you bless others… It was a wonderful day!

  3. Susan Rowe
    Susan Rowe says:

    What a beautiful gift you gave to those children to be able to give their moms something for Mother’s Day. I as a mom don’t care about a gift but I know from being a single mom that my daughters loved to get me something and I was blessed to have a sister and a mom who would take them every year to get me something. Love this and the gift you gave those children ❤️

  4. Dawn Vierra
    Dawn Vierra says:

    This was so heartwarming to watch. So thoughtful and generous. I bet the kids and moms had a wonderful time. I was a single mom with little money. Something like this would have meant the world to me. Beautiful

  5. JoStJo
    JoStJo says:

    This is the most beautiful video on youtube. Nearly made me cry and I’m in awe by your good hearts. Thank you for helping these children and their mothers. So beautiful.

  6. Melissa Cannon
    Melissa Cannon says:

    You are an awesome person!! That's great that you were able to do something special for the mothers in the their children. Hope you have a great day take care God bless

  7. Angela Campana
    Angela Campana says:

    Hi Jamerrille👋👋👋 This was such a lovely event that you gave for those mothers, you certainly made theirs and their children’s day so special. God bless you and all involved🙏♥️💫✨👼🏻✨💫♥️

  8. Becky Phillips
    Becky Phillips says:

    Me and my kids are part of a program called Angel Tree and in our area at Christmas they do the same thing, kids “ shop” for their parent and they are given a chance to give something which makes them feel special! As a recipient of something like this, it’s truly a blessing to know their are some people who just care! Love u got to be a part of this with ur kids! ❤️

  9. Pam A.
    Pam A. says:

    What a wonderful way to lift the children and the Moms. Bet the kids loved picking out the presents and packaging them and bet the moms loved seeing their kids be able to express their love this way. Great bonding opportunity too! Treasure in heaven to you all!


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