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  1. Makenna Davidson
    Makenna Davidson says:

    Hi Paula. You don’t seem to take in very much fat like we are told to do on keto. You did my calculations and told me to eat 100 grams of fat daily. I hope it’s ok to ask you how many grams do you take in daily 😊? Ty

  2. Lori McManus
    Lori McManus says:

    I use 4 oz weighed of mozzerella or 1/2 C. Mix with 2 T almond flour and 1/2 t gelatin mix up then pour in 2T eggwhite carton or fresh. No egg taste at all. I'm going to try your chaffles. Blt looks so good. I think my daughter wants to order the prime protein. I saw your strawberry,cottage cheese dessert. What is your favorite flavor? Expensive but seems worth it. Love your videos.

  3. Beverly Lowry
    Beverly Lowry says:

    Glad to know that moringa has helped you and Ed. Two recommendations for additional moringa products that have helped me — Dr Mercola’s fermented moringa and Traditional Medicinal brand of moringa tea with sage and peppermint.

  4. Pamela Reed
    Pamela Reed says:

    I take d3/k2 , cod fish oil , vitamin C , a clean one , magnesium glycinate , (I take at night ) a shot of very good extra virgin olive oil , collagen and lastly , a shot of organic kefir whole milk ( at night with the magnesium.) all of my supplements are super duper clean .

  5. Lisa Harper
    Lisa Harper says:

    Vision supplementation is essential. Over the last few years, my vision began declining slightly. I take daily a vision supplement that has two key ingredients, Lutein and Zeaxanthin…that have improved my overall eye health. Vision is sharper and those floaters are gone.

  6. Anne
    Anne says:

    After my mothers heart attack I started taking fish oil and also krill oil daily. Recommended by her Cardiologist for women over 55. I also take a D3. Looking into D3-K2 and I also put cologne in my coffee.

  7. Thea Stewart
    Thea Stewart says:

    Hi Paula. Everything looks delicious! I have some ham that I need to cook, 2 small ones and a half ham. I think I’ll do that! Thanks for the inspiration! I take D3 with K2, daily multivitamin, selenium, zinc, vitamin c, cod liver oil in liquid form and need to get the right kind of calcium for osteoporosis. I like colloidal silver too. Will definitely check out moringa. Thanks for sharing.❤

  8. Patty Sisk
    Patty Sisk says:

    I take all the same supplements as you except moringa. Never heard of it, but I will check into it. My husband got that same pill dispenser, but he threw the stick-on labels away. Said he would know what each one was. Well, nope! When he runs out he brings me a single pill and asks me to reorder. Love, when you can tell me what it is, I will reorder. Learn from our experience. Label them all! Thanks for the video!


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