Super Bowl Showdown: Instant Pot vs. The Big Green Egg | Consumer Reports


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There are a number of ways to prepare pulled pork but which device is more likely to score a touchdown — the Big Green Egg or the Instant pot? Consumer …
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  1. Christophe Jergales
    Christophe Jergales says:

    All I gotta say here is the only real advantage of the Green egg is the smoking capability. Other than that, it's requires constant attention to ensure temps are stable. It's is an investment to use a smoker, and to some of us, it's worth the trouble. A lot of people won't benefit form using a smoker, and it's okay. It's all about what the consumer wants after all anyway…

  2. sturomain
    sturomain says:

    Thats definitely not the way to cook pulled pork on the green egg. More like 190 200 F. For 3 hours foil for 2 hours rest for 1 hour. OMG that must have been terrable.

  3. Darren K
    Darren K says:

    You guys have absolutely no clue what you were doing on the smoker, why was the meat in a bunch of pieces, if it was to cook it faster, you completely ruined the texture of the meat. Also, mesquite is a flavoring wood, not one you would smoke over many hours with. If you believe your results were “too close to call” with a smoker and an instant pot, you guys have lost some respectability in my book.

  4. repairdrive
    repairdrive says:

    I made my own pulled pork from scratch with my Weber grill once. It tasted good but not so much better than just buying it already made from the store. WAY too much work for a tiny cost savings.

  5. BananaChipzzz
    BananaChipzzz says:

    CR, stick to reviewing washing machines, and leave the food stuff to people who know what they are doing. If you actually knew how to cook pork shoulder properly in a BGE, there would be no contest..


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